The Difference between Monitoring vs. Spying on Your Child

From definition, monitoring and spying might mean almost the same thing. While in all the goal is to get information about one party,

there is a big difference between the two. Teenagers may however take it to be the same thing. Their feeling is that you are violating their privacy when you want to observe them. Parents should understand why and how to do monitoring to their kids as compared to spying. Below is the differences between the two:


  • You do not inform the party being spied on that you are doing the act, it is conducted in a secretive manner and this may upset the person when they finally come to realize what you have been doing behind their back. It is actually violating their right to privacy and it’s wrong.
  • Spying might poison our relationships with our kids if we are caught. The kid will never want to be associated with you as they feel that you violated their trust. Who would like a spy anyway?
  • It is a malicious act whose goals is to get evidence for wrong doing. It will always be interpreted in this angle no matter how the spy puts it or intended to.
  • Spying does not respect boundaries. A spy will always go an extra mile to find any information that can fix you even if it is not related to what they were spying you for. As a parent, you should leave your child to have a free life.


  • While doing monitoring, you are always guided by scope. When a parent is doing monitoring to their kid, they are only interested with specific things and do not look past that. When monitoring on communication, as a parent there are some forms of communication you should choose not to even when you have the ability. This gives the kid their privacy.
  • A parent is allowed to know where their kid is at what time. They can install family orbit app to the kid’s device so as to always know where the kid is. This will help the parent take care of the kid and avoid calling all the time inquiring where the kid is.
  • It is protective, monitoring is always aimed at giving help to the person. When using family orbit app, it will help you know where the kid has been going and by that you are able to know whether any strange thing has been happening. The app will let you know when your kid gets to their destination by sending a notification. For example, when they are going to school, in case something goes wrong on their way you will be able to know by checking the phone real time location.
  • Monitoring is not secretive, the parent must tell their kid that they will be monitoring them. By doing this, they will agree to what extent the parent should go. This way the child will trust the parent more and build their relationship. The child will be free to share their

Monitoring and spying are two different things. Both involve a more powerful party watching over their junior. The two are however very different and a parent should put this in consideration when choosing what to do. For instance family orbit gives you the ability to know where the kid is and at what time. It’s up to you to choose on whether to use that information to spy or to monitor.

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