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The excellence of made in Italy from a leading paper bags wholesale

We care about your identity”: it is the motto of one of the most historic companies in the field of printed paper bags manufacturing and distribution. We are talking about the Italian company Cartotecnica Postumia, a specialist in paper bags wholesale based in Padua, Italy, that has an international client portfolio.

The company is specialised in paper packaging manufacturing and distribution, both for industrial and retail markets. It offers a wide range of solutions for every need, from industrial packaging, such as printed reels, paper food bags and wrapping paper rolls, for Food market, Pet Food market and others, to printed and customizable paper shopping bags for stores, e-commerce and Large Scale Distribution for Food, Fashion and other markets.

The Italian company Cartotecnica Postumia leads Italian paper goods market since 1967

Why to choose theItalian company Cartotecnica Postumia as a partner for your business?

First of all, the products catalog is really large and all the solutions proposed can be customized. You can choose the color, the shape or the size of the bag, and you can add details such as handles, windows, logos, backgrounds, lettering or other applications.

If you manage a clothing e-commerce, a grocery or a large food industry and you have no idea about what is the right solution, Cartotecnica Postumia will help you clarify your ideas and to choose a shopping bag or a paper roll that is appropriate for your budget and goals.

We care about your identity, it is not just a motto

What makes Cartotecnica Postumia a leading paper bags wholesaler is the complete service it offers to its customers. From concept design to distribution, the company follows the customer step by step in order to ensure a customized service according to clients’ needs.

It is possible to choose between large scale production, more than 3000 pieces, or you can ask for a little number of items. Prices and services change according to your needs but in both cases you will be followed in all the steps of the production.

Also, Cartotecnica Postumia thinks about medium size companies and privates that usually are not equipped with an integrated Graphics Department, so they should pay for an external Graphics expert consultant. Cartotecnica Postumia has its own Integrated Graphic Office. The experts will ask you for information about your company, your business goals and your mission and they will provide you a proposal for customized paper bags and shopping bags that will talk about your brand and your products, of course. You won’t have to do anything else!

This is the main plus of the Italian company Cartotecnica Postumia.

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