The Journey of Non-project Worker to Get A High Score of 5A in PMP

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This article is from the non-software industry practitioner.

It is the journey of getting a high score of 5A in the PMP exam.


It is my first time to know the PMP.

Last year, I enrolled in the PMP course at my own expense, which is a familiar and unfamiliar term. While these years I have heard this word from my friends who have gained this certificate.

As my own work is administrative and I have no contact with project work, many of my friends around me expressed doubts about my enrollment in the PMP course. After learning that I had enrolled in PMP. Many people came to me and asked why I was studying PMP. You should study human resources. I was so confused by this so that I wondered why I was so impulsive to enroll in the course.


This time I began to learn the PMP.

After taking the first course, I doubted why I had enrolled this course. Because I couldn’t understand it at all! During the break in the morning that I have found that I was the only one in the class who worked in administration, while the rest of the students were either in the construction industry, IT industry, manufacturing industry or just PMs who came to get the certificate in order to prepare for a promotion and salary increase.

The teacher encouraged me and said that he could give more examples of real-life examples and less jargon in the later courses, so that I could keep up with everyone.

In this way, I spent the three months of the PMP course doubting my own intelligence.


You need to be persistent of your study for the exam.

As the mock exams of the previous courses were all passed by luck, I had some thoughts of giving up in the final stage of preparation. But my teacher kept encouraging me and urged me not to give up, to practice more and finish more mock questions to develop PM thinking, and to listen to the audio version of the course repeatedly when I was free to catch the key points.

In this way, with the impetus of the surrounding people, the day of the exam came, and I, a studying loser, taking the certificate with 5A, I was so excited! Three months of agonizing days and nights, a painful learning process have been over(I should be the only one in the class who is agonizing, after all, the crossover is too big), and finally getting a good result, I am really happy! I feel like I’ve done the right thing for my teachers and myself!

After the exam, I think it will help me in my work. Although it does not seem to be very relevant to my work, I think that I will analyse and arrange the time according to the situation and promote the process in dealing with some things. Compared to the previous, it appears more effective in the time period to complete the work tasks. The feedback received are also more satisfactory.

So, no matter how big or small a project is, it’s all the same. Because the results of the the start, the process, the changes, the tests and the end are all the same, and as my teacher said, everything is the same.


It is the part of the feeling of studying PMP.

I think PMP is a certificate that is recognized all over the world, especially in some foreign companies, and it is a certificate with high gold content. Why? The following points are here to give the explanation.

  1. In the current environment where the pace of work is very fast and if you want to spend your weekends at home and are willing to use your days off to recharge and study, it has been already a boost to yourself. The PMP course is not like a general interest class where you can just listen to it. But it requires a high degree of concentration to follow the teacher’s thinking and understanding and digest the textbook and the content taught by the teacher. I can say that from the moment I stepped into the PMP classroom, it was a kind of recognition for myself.
  • Different people have the different views and ideas towards the same thing. Through continuous communication, updating and changes, the final results are completely different. How to let many people can immediately understand the effect of the party needs is an important thing. Then through the systematic study of the PMP course, coupled with the accumulation of practical experience, it can make a fledgling PM preparatory team members quickly grow into a excellent and wonderful PMP worker. I think that through the PMP study the ideas in people’s mind can be really transformed into actual results, and the results are satisfactory.
  • Why some positions need to be hired by experience? But as for the PM, the PMP certificate is a key to any door. If you can immediately understand what I mean, then you will also understand the importance of the PMP. First of all, you can pass the PM assessment questions, then it shows that you already have a concept of PM thinking, and no matter how the situation changes and become different, you know how to respond and can always maintain the direction of the timeline to complete the final delivery requirements.
  • If you are committed to project-related work with your own experience and a PMP certificate at the same time, then you will be more confident to present yourself in the plans of the next year in your company. The PMP certification is sponsored by the American Project Management Institute and is a rigorous assessment of the knowledge and skills of project managers. If the company’s project team can have a few more certificate holders, then external bidding on some projects is also more competitive.
  • PMP quality management involves PDCA. Project managers should learn to “review” their study and make continuous improvement. There are 30,000 days in the lifetime. Take the 30,000 days seriously. Not just consider one day and then repeat it 30,000 times.

Although this is only a certificate, we should not pay too much attention to this certificate, but to fully enjoy the learning process when I was in the previous study and the teachers there have been telling us this idea. We have stepped out of school and into society. There should be very few opportunities to learn something in such a quiet, fixed mind. The certificate is only a form. The pleasure during this learning process we have gotten brings us a direct impact, and through such systematic learning, the ultimate benefits are for ourselves.

If I can get the certificate through my own efforts, it will be a perfect feedback to my study, and I have already felt the change of work efficiency brought by PMP through my work. If you work in this logical way, you may be able to find a project job for a small administrative position in the future and successfully change your career.

Is pmp certification worth it.

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