The Most Ultimate Survival Tools

Whether you plan to have your first backcountry trip or test your skills in the wilderness, having a survival kit should be considered mandatory. You never know what waits ahead. With survival tools, your odds of survival will improve greatly when you are stuck. 

So, what tools should one add to their survival kit? It’s important to note that different people will require different types of survival tools in their kits. You must customize your kit to suit your specific needs and circumstances you’ll face. This article shall continue to explain the ultimate survival tools you may need for your experience. 

  1. Fire Starter

On average, you can live for three weeks without food, three days without water, and three hours outside your core body temperature. Knowing this means that whatever you add to your kit is paramount. A fire starter is among the most important survival tools you shouldn’t forget to add to your kit. A starter will help you prepare a meal, boil your water, stay warm, and enjoy a good sleep without worrying about predators. There are different types of fire starters you can find in the market today. Therefore, you should go for one that suits your taste and needs. 

  2. Survival Shovel

A shovel is also another special tool that you shouldn’t miss in your kit. It can perform several tasks, such as digging, shoveling, bracing, and prying, among many other activities. A survival shovel is quite different from a typical shovel in many ways. First, the shovel’s head can be placed in various positions to accomplish several uses. When it comes to choosing between the best survival shovels available in the market, you can rely on reviews to narrow down your search. Some shovels are foldable, while others aren’t. These are among the factors you ought to consider when doing your search. Also, the cost should play a vital role in arriving at your final decision.

  3. Survival Knife

When out there in the wilderness or stuck in the middle of nowhere during a road trip, the high chances are that you will need to do a lot of cutting. Therefore, you need a good, reliable survival knife to perform your cutting chores. On this, go for a high-quality survival knife or a multipurpose tool with a knife in it. A perfect knife should be in a position to perform simple tasks such as cutting strings, sharpening sticks, and skinning your hunt. 

  4. First Aid Kit

The Most Ultimate Survival Tools

If you’re planning to head to the wilderness, it’s recommended that you’ve got a first aid kit at all times. Your first aid kit should be easily accessible at all times. Having a dedicated first aid kit accessible is a good idea if an injury may occur. Your first aid kit should have all the necessary items needed to attend to the wounds and stop the bleeding until you visit a medical facility for proper treatment. For the first aid kit, it’s recommended that you always have a pocket manual with you and familiarize yourself with it if you aren’t formally trained or experienced. 

  5. Survival Whistle

Having a plastic whistle may sound old-school, but you may never know how crucial it’s until you need it. One thing you should know is that your voice may not reach far when lost, but blowing your plastic whistle can help alert nearby people to come to your rescue. Lightweight whistles are recommended as they don’t rust hence durable. 

  6. Torch 

What happens when you find yourself shrouded in complete darkness while enjoying your adventure? Among the first crucial things, you should consider adding to your list of survival tools a flashlight to tackle the darkness. It would be best if you considered having a reliable torch. The amazing thing is that flashlights have continued to get lighter, efficient, and more effective in recent years. Therefore, you can always find a model that will suit your needs and serve you for the longest time possible. 

  7. Space Blanket

The Most Ultimate Survival Tools

Staying warm is a big challenge in survival scenarios, even in situations you might not expect. Temperatures can drop drastically when the sun goes down. Humidity and moisture can greatly impact the body’s ability to retain heat, even if the daytime temperature was warm. If you are wet, you will have to work extra hard to stay at a safe temperature. Space blankets are a perfect solution for such situations. They reflect your body heat to your body effectively, making it easy to stay warm and dry. 

Stocking your survival kit is a personal undertaking. Your life may depend on the selections you make today. Mentioned in this piece are some of the few tools you would want to include to counter a disaster’s potential. If you start with the items listed, you’ll likely keep yourself alive and return home with a great story to share. 

Written by George K.

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