Top Benefits of Interior Plant Decoration

Plants add a touch of nature and style to our homes. 

With the thousands of varieties, we can create our own very unique display. Most of us are not aware of all the added benefits of having plants in our homes. With the added beauty comes all the natural therapeutic benefits plants can bring. Many studies have shown that working with plants can alleviate stress and help manage several physical ailments. Working with your hands and creating something beautiful that you can take pride in aids in self-accomplishment. With many ancient cultures partaking in the art of bonsai. Whereas you manipulate a plant with several applied techniques to grow it in a design you envision. Most of us associate bonsai with miniature versions of large varieties of trees or tropical plants. 

Bonsai is any art created with any plant. From braiding a stem to create a unique and interesting attribute to the plant, or trimming the leaves to give a fuller appearance, describing any tending to any plant you do. Some require no tending and flourish quite well on their own. That is the beauty of the plant. The sheer volumes of possibility.

You Are The Artist

Whether you have tried one or two and have given up after being unsuccessful. Growing plants is quite easy and with a little practice, you can expand your knowledge and learn how to create a tranquil ambiance in your home with plants, bringing numerous positive effects to your space. With a little help from Succulent Alley you can learn all the techniques you need to grow successful, hearty plants. From beginner-type plants that can handle a forgotten watering or two, to more advanced types for the more experienced plant enthusiasts. Regardless of your choice of plants, they are a part of everyday life, and without them, our world would suffer perilously. 

More Than Just Beauty

   1. In The Air

With the vast varieties, we can grow in our spaces, many have added health benefits too. Some can improve the air quality in your space. Most of our readily used items contain traces of chemicals from manufacturing processes that can linger in our air and essentially contaminate our lungs and bodies. With the right plants, those toxic effects are absorbed by the plant. Ensuring our loved ones have clean air inside their home. 

  2. Enhancing Creativity 

With the added oxygen produced and the calming effect of plants, the ambiance setting helps our creativity flourish. Offering endless variations in colors and smells, we can create the perfect space to help our imagination soar. 

  3. Humidity Control  

Some have the unique ability to absorb excess moisture in the air to aid the plant in its health. These types lower the chances of mold from accumulating and growing in any high-humidity areas of your home. Decreasing the possibility of a family member becoming ill from mold spores in the air. 

  4. Even At Your Workstation

Many scientific studies have shown that productivity in the workplace increases significantly when plants are part of the environment. Creating a calming, serene space where focus and tranquility help employees stay on task.

Top Benefits of Interior Plant Decoration

Specific Types For Specific Help

Keeping a few of the plants with outstanding capabilities on hand will aid you should you need them. 

Aloe Vera– Ideally for cuts and abrasions. Aloe vera is a known antimicrobial plant with extension healing properties. Also absorbing high amounts of chemicals from the air effectively. 

Bamboo Palm-This is one of the top natural air purifiers as well as high absorption of air pollutants like formaldehyde and xylene. 

Spider Plant– Is well-known for being one of the easiest variations to grow. It can absorb excessively high volumes of carbon monoxide from your home, as well as chemicals. 

Some Are Medicine Too

With so many of us leaning towards healthier lifestyles, it can be even easier when we start growing our own food, or in some cases holistic medicines. A lot of types of plants offer relief from several ailments through either ingestion or through processing the plant for its oils. Always thoroughly research and understand what you are wanting to accomplish before using any plant as an aid for your health. Some houseplants that are commonly seen in homes are poisonous to humans or animals.

With so much information readily available online you can eliminate any kinds from your home that do not appeal to the environment you are trying to achieve, and with a little practice, you can create an outstanding plant feature that will reward you with endless enjoyment. 

Written by George K.

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