Things All New Drivers Need to Know

Setting out on the road for your first time alone can be very daunting, and there is a lot you probably already know, and a lot you will have to learn for yourself. There are many things new drivers need to know which their instructor may not necessarily tell them. If you are a new driver or old, certainly there are things you must head to and pay attention to that you might ordinarily not consider to be important or pertinent, and there are things you probably already know that you need a good refresher. Driving for the first time is a very scary, but cool experience, and you can feel empowered, and feel like the world is at your feet. Driving can allow you the opportunity to go anywhere at any time. You can see the entire world, travel through distant lands and foreign countries, and meet people you would ordinarily never be able to. 

In a single day, you can go from one country to another – driving is truly a wonderful technological advancement and one that has given man the opportunity to see the entire world intimately as he has never been able to see it before. Here are some things all drivers need to know.

Have an Attorney on Retainer in Case of a Car Accident

As a new driver, you are far more likely to succumb to a car accident than a more experienced and knowledgeable driver. After a car accident, you can be left reeling; the best way to deal with a car accident, after all, is said and done is to contact an attorney, or better yet, as prevention is always better than cure, have one on retainer. In the District of Columbia alone through the year 2015, there were 15 fatal car accidents, and many more non-fatal accidents; these statistics are very worrisome. After a car accident, knowing it could have been fatal, you must contact your attorney. The professionals of are an example of a retainer attorney in the D.C. area, and you should find one near you that you can put on retainer should you ever find yourself in a car accident. 

How Does a Retainer Work?

Having an attorney on retainer means that you pay a lawyer small sums of money, almost on a subscription basis, and they will come to your aid anytime you need one. By having an attorney on retainer you will insulate yourself against high legal fees and be able to get yourself out of any situation – and deal with any situation properly. Being the victim of a car accident can be a very harrowing experience, and even more so if you find out it is going to court, or if you decide to pursue legal action. If the accident was your fault, then you may need a defense attorney to stop you from receiving time in prison, and if you are the victim, you will need an attorney to pursue the claim and pursue monetary compensation and possible prison time.

Always Drive Responsibly

You should always drive safely and responsibly as a new driver; it can be difficult to pay attention to everything around you, but you must endeavor to do so. Some drivers are very careless and do not pay attention, so by not paying attention, you seriously risk having an accident. Keep your eyes everywhere at the same time, so you are able to assess what may be potentially risky, and who is not paying attention and swerving into your lane. By doing this, you insulate yourself and will make sure that you do not need to attend court, nor pursue legal action.

Do Not Drive Under the Influence

As a younger, first time driver, there is much more of a chance of you driving while intoxicated. By driving under the influence you will risk not only losing your license but hurting somebody. As a young, first time driver, you will likely be attending nightclubs and parties, and when attending functions of that nature, you can find it much easier to drive under the influence than get a taxi to your house, then back to your car in the morning. When drunk, it can also be a lot easier to let your inhibitions go and hit the road when you are drunk. By driving drunk, you risk killing yourself and other people on the road, you should make sure that you never, ever drive drunk, and make sure that you are always responsible and do not succumb to peer pressure in these situations, otherwise you may find that you seriously hurt yourself and others.

To prevent being in this situation, you should leave your car at home and get a taxi to the club, otherwise, you really risk hurting people. Getting a taxi to the club will save you money by replacing your car, and potentially save your life and other people’s lives around you.

When driving as a new driver, you should make sure that you drive responsibly, and make sure you adhere strictly to your drivers conduct manual. It is not worth being irresponsible, and you will soon become a better driver and will realize you do not need to take risks or shortcuts.

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