7 Musical Instruments You Need to Try

Playing an instrument can be very rewarding, and although difficult, a great way to spend your time. Playing an instrument can open up many doors, and in later life potentially even offer you work. Musicians, while there is not a great demand for them, can make quite a lot of money. And, even if you would rather play recreationally, there are still great benefits and fun that can be derived from playing a musical instrument, and you should certainly at least learn to play one during your lifetime. With so many instruments, it can be hard to choose which one is for you, so here are seven great musical instruments you need to try!

Learn to Play the Guitar

The guitar is most synonymous with rock stars like Led Zeppelin and Jimi Hendrix. Guitars are quite inexpensive and do not require a significant budget to pick one up. You can learn to play the guitar, much like other instruments, from online videos or tutorials. The guitar is a very rewarding instrument and can be one of the most versatile and fun to play ones – you can learn to play everything from the blues to heavy metal, and of course, everything that comes in-between. Variations of the guitar have existed for thousands of years, and it is truly a fantastic instrument you need to try out.

Learn to Play the Piano

Much like the guitar, the piano is synonymous with a specific type of music, but unlike the guitar, it is not rock ‘n’ roll! The piano is synonymous with musicians like Bach and Mozart and is most often associated with composers of that nature and caliber. Learning to play the piano can be a lot of fun and it can be very interesting and engaging; there is no shortage of fun to be had, whether you wish to play music from the 1950s and soft-rock melodies, or you want to play the compositions of the most famous composers of our time! You can do it all with a piano.

Learn to Play the Flute

The flute is very unique, in that it is not a conventional instrument you might find yourself playing; the flute is more akin to Native-American and Eastern spirituality than it is rock ‘n’ roll, and for this reason, it can be versatile and downright fascinating. You can fashion your own flute from bamboo and play it, or you can purchase a more high-quality metal flute from a musical instrument store. Whatever you choose, give the flute a go.

Learn to Play the Saxophone

The saxophone is another extremely versatile instrument, although it is used mostly in jazz and symphonies. Playing the saxophone can be pretty tiring, but also very rewarding; the saxophone enables you to lose yourself in the music and you can choose to play hard or soft, depending on your breath, and depending on your mood, your saxophone can truly reflect your innermost feelings. The saxophone is an instrument seldom few choose to play, but you should consider picking one up today and giving it a go, as it is a truly rewarding and memorable experience, and can really reshape the way you think about life and spend your time!

Learn to Play the Lute

The lute is an ancient instrument more akin to Shakespeare than the 21st century. But, notwithstanding, the lute can be a lot of fun and be a really unique instrument to play. Many buskers and street performers play lutes because of their unique archaic sound and that sound is what draws people toward them. Consider playing the lute!

Learn to Play the Drums

What is rock ‘n’ roll without the drums? The drums are something every teenage boy wishes to play at one stage or another, for the sheer chaos of it all. Playing the drums can be a lot of fun and very rewarding, and very few people choose to play them at all anymore, choosing synthesizers instead. Still, get a set of drums and you will find that you spend your time perfecting the craft; you may even end up being the next best drummer in the world and join a band!

Learn to Use Online Software

Online musical software is quickly taking over for more conventional instruments. Online instruments allow you to create any sound that you want and perfect your music with online tools and tricks. This is more for techno music and rap music, but still, it can be a great way to spend your time learning!

Give instruments a go and you surely won’t regret having done so. Instruments are a fantastic amount of fun and you can really lose yourself in the music! You can pick up instruments second-hand quite inexpensively in order to learn before you invest in your own instrument of choice that’s brand new!

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