Three Cisco Certification Ways to Study

Cisco offers a variety of specialized Cisco Qualified Professional certifications that measure knowledge in a specific technology, solution, or career role. The following is a comparison of each dimension of the three Cisco certification learning methods. Hope you read it carefully and choose the most suitable way to learn!

Method 1, choose to study at an institution of a Cisco authorized partner

Cisco Learning Partners are the only authorized Cisco training organizations. Cisco Learning Partners, and the facilitators they work with, provide comprehensive training resources, including instructor-led <a href=””> courses</a>, remote labs, and e-learning solutions.

1. Study Cost

The learning cost of Cisco Learning Partner institutions is determined according to the certification level of the student’s study and the price generated by the course content. The cost is higher than the self-study cost.

2. Study time

Depending on the network ability of the students and the certification level they have learned, it ranges from a minimum of 7 days to 6 months.

3. Faculty strength

Organizations that authorize Cisco Learning Partners will hire experienced CCSI (Cisco Authorized Certification) instructors to conduct training. These instructors provide high-quality teaching, and students will receive professional guidance from the instructor.

4. The latest and fastest information. Cisco Certified Instructors receive advance notice of new Cisco products, courseware, and company information.

5. The latest courseware. Cisco Certified Instructors participate in Instructor-on-Training events to meet instructional designers and developers who write courses and exam questions, and to update instructional content as new courses become available.

6. Expert level training. CCSI must pass a rigorous Cisco exam to become certified to teach each course.

7. Provide a learning environment for experimental LAB

Authorized learning partner institutions can provide students with a large number of experimental environments on the computer, and can help candidates adapt to the experimental examinations in the complex network environment.

8. The quality of teaching content

Authorized Cisco Learning Partner training uses Cisco Authorized Instructional Materials. They can provide: Proven instructional design methods that ensure consistent teaching objectives and teaching materials. This helps students learn new, complex subjects by understanding related concepts.

Regularly update the teaching content release schedule so that the curriculum can be changed in time. This ensures that students learn to master skills based on the latest versions and concepts.

Content written by Cisco experts. Students can be confident that what they have learned is correct, endorsed and supported by Cisco.

Method 2, Join Cisco Networking Academy

The Cisco Networking Academy Program (Cisco Networking Academy Program) is a non-profit educational program that focuses on popularizing the latest network technologies by Cisco and educational institutions, companies, governments and international organizations around the world. In China, Cisco, together with government and educational institutions, has cooperated with more than 800 schools since its inception, and has trained more than 270,000 students.

1. Study Cost

You can apply through the school to join the Cisco Networking Academy. Cisco does not charge any course cost.

2. Study time

Cisco Network Technology Academy provides CCNA and other certification courses, ranging from 1 hour to 280 hours according to the teaching situation of the network teachers.

3. Faculty strength

The partner colleges send teachers to participate in the teacher training organized by the teacher training center authorized by Cisco Network Academy entrusted by Cisco, and obtain the netspace teacher account and the qualification for the corresponding courses.

4. Provide experimental LAB environment

The Cisco Packet Tracer simulation tool allows students to experience network characteristics in a virtual environment. It compensates for the inadequacy of real network devices by allowing students to create virtual networks with unlimited devices; while encouraging students to practice, find and troubleshoot the resulting failures.

As an integral part of the Cisco Web Academy learning experience, Packet Tracer provides simulation, visualization, authoring, evaluation, and collaborative learning capabilities that facilitate the teaching and learning of complex technical concepts.

5. The quality of teaching content

Courses are offered by Cisco and partners to learn ICT and networking expertise. Combining effective classroom learning with innovative cloud-based courses and teaching tools, which are committed to cultivating students into information technology talents that are in line with market demand.

Method 3, self-study

If you choose the self-study method, you can combine learning materials and use various network resources to learn.

1. Study Cost

The cost of self-study is low, and candidates can purchase corresponding Cisco technical books according to the different levels of exams and technical exams they are preparing for.

You can purchase genuine Cisco technical books at Cisco-authorized bookstores.

Official website of People’s Posts and Telecommunications Publishing House authorized by Cisco

Jingdong Mall – People’s Posts and Telecommunications Publishing House

2. Study time

The self-study time is relatively long. According to the student’s ability and certified learning goals, the study time can be adjusted freely to arrange the learning progress.

3. Faculty strength

Although there is no professional teacher guidance, you can join each certified study group in the Cisco eLearning space, find like-minded study partners, or find colleagues, classmates, or mentors to form study groups to study together.

4. Provide experimental LAB

Build your own LAB or find a LAB simulator for hands-on practice.

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