Three IT Skills and Certifications That Will Be Most in Demand In 2020 and Beyond

The need to collect, store, manage, transmit, crunch, and share an enormous amount of data makes it necessary for a vast array of people to manage them efficiently and ensure that the desired objectives are met in the fastest possible time. Positions in the information technology sector are keenly fought between candidates often with very little to differentiate them from each other apart from certifications that testify the knowledge and skills. Some of the certifications that will be the most in-demand in the future:

Project Management Certifications

Project management is considered among the most important and tough job across industries as it typically requires special skills for the organization to translate a concept to an operational project. The quality of execution of projects can mean the difference between a profitable business and one that is mired in losses. There is a very wide range of project management certifications available; some of the more popular ones are Six Sigma Green Belt, Certified Scrum Master, PRINCE2, etc. To acquire these certifications, you need to have a minimum of three years of experience in project management, good communication, and leadership skills as well as a Secondary or Associate degree. Most of the big companies are ready to pay top dollar salaries to qualified project management people. It is not uncommon for salaries to be in the region of $100,000 to $150,000 per annum.

Artificial Intelligence Certifications

Artificial Intelligence is projected to be the next big thing in the world of information technology. The concept of AI essentially revolves around enabling machines to think like human beings but without making the errors that humans often make due to poor domain knowledge and judgmental issues. Critical to the development and implementation of AI are AI architects who evolve the complex algorithms required to mimic human decision-making. They need to be proficient in math and statistics and possess knowledge in AI technologies like machine learning and deep learning. Salaries for those having the relevant AI certification are in the range of $140,000 to $150,000 per annum and ensure a lucrative career path in IT.

Data Science Certifications

Data Science Engineers are responsible for constructing, installing, testing, and monitoring data management systems that are a critical part of modern IT systems. To become a Data Scientist, one needs to be proficient in essential components like programming, statistics, data visualization, big data, and machine learning besides domain expertise. To take your career to the next level, you can acquire certifications in Applied AI & Deep Learning, Machine Learning, Big Data, and Data Analysis. Data Science jobs are projected to remain in great demand in the foreseeable future with average salaries around $140,000 per annum. Typically, Data Science Engineers should be familiar with the concepts of SAS, have good skills in programming, be able to design, develop, and execute efficient business solutions, be able to organize and visualize data structures, know the concepts of machine learning, and predict the development of data-driven business decisions.


IT certifications are easily recognizable benchmarks based on standardized testing procedures that are mapped to specific skill sets. According to, obtaining these certifications is a demonstration of your dedication, technical knowledge, and motivation to match you to the rapidly evolving trends in information technology. IT certifications are a good way of acquiring skill sets that can drive your careers to a higher orbit.

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