Thrifty Fashion 5 Ways to Style Secondhand Clothes

Did you know 16% to 18% of Americans patronize thrift shops annually?

The same source adds that the U.S. resale industry has yearly revenues of approximately $17.5 billion and that 25,200+ thrift shops are operating in the country as demand for cheaper clothing and other items grows.

Do you shop at thrift shops, or are you interested in doing so? If so, it helps to know how to get the right apparel and put together outfits like a boss.

Continue reading for five tips on how to style secondhand clothes you buy.

1. Go to the Right Thrift Shops

Do you want to get the right thrift store outfits? Patronize retailers that sell the types of clothing that fit your unique sense of style. Whether your style is conservative, flamboyant, or somewhere in between, locate the right store.

Bigger secondhand clothing stores might sell a little bit of anything, while smaller outlets may cater to different demographics. 

When checking out what’s out there, you should concentrate on secondhand shops selling different accessories like belts, scarves, and other things. That’ll allow you to pair quality accessories with your outfits.

2. Choose Options You Can Dye

If you’ve got secondhand fashion on your mind, consider buying quality used apparel that you can dye. You can transform stylish clothing by getting creative with coloring. But you need to get suitable materials to carry out the process.

Go for apparel made of cotton, rayon, or nylon. You can dye silk, wool, and linen, but the problem is that these materials will shrink. The last thing you’ll want is to buy a great thrift store outfit and ruin it by using dye.

What about materials like acetate or polyester? You can get great secondhand outfits made from such materials. But dying acetate or polyester is hard since these materials must be treated at 280 degrees for the dye to adhere. 

When looking for clothing that can be dyed, you should also avoid apparel made from water resistant or repellant materials. If you dye such materials, the dye won’t stick around for long since it won’t bond to the materials.

3. Alteration Shops Are Your Friends

Don’t be afraid of buying larger sizes if you find the perfect statement piece for your wardrobe at a used clothing store.

If you try something on and find it’s too large, consider buying it and taking it to a local alteration shop, tailor, or seamstress. Investing in clothing and getting it altered to fit your figure could be worth your while.

It would be a shame to pass up on an otherwise great thrift shop outfit just because it’s too big.

Consider that you can’t always rely on the sizes posted on vintage clothing. Vintage sizes aren’t accurate compared to modern day sizes.

You’ll miss out on some good deals if you dismiss things based on the vintage sizes on the tag. If there are fitting rooms, make use of them to verify. 

4. Get Inspiration on the Fashion Runways

Are you the sort of person who wants to wear the latest styles? If so, get inspiration from the models who strut their stuff on fashion runways. Another option is to flip through fashion magazines. You’ll see plenty of options.

You might not want to shell out $1,500 for the latest evening gown or pantsuit. But if you have time to visit different secondhand stores, you can look for similar options. You don’t have to spend an arm and a leg for what you want.

If you know what to look for, you can find inexpensive vintage clothes that look like the overpriced apparel sold at the most exclusive boutiques. You don’t have to spend a whole lot to find stylish and classy attire.

5. Does It Fit Your Style?

When looking for designer clothing for women, you should consider whether it fits your unique style. It’s a mistake to buy something on a whim. You may later decide that it’s not your style.

Consider your wardrobe when looking at thrift store outfits. Are there vintage clothing options you’re considering compatible with your wardrobe?

Are the thrift store outfits you’re considering things you would wear tomorrow, or would they likely remain on hangers in your closet? Many people have things in their closets and drawers that they haven’t worn in a long time.

Unless you want to switch things up and reinvent your sense of style, the best course of action is to find items that will match what you already have. You’ll be able to mix and match, taking your style to the next level.

Buying Stylish Secondhand Clothes Is the Way To Go

Do you want stylish clothing at a discount? Check out some secondhand clothes at thrift stores in and around where you live. As more people seek quality items at reasonable prices, thrift shops are becoming increasingly popular.

The five tips above will guide you as you look for steal-of-a-deal thrift store outfits. These clothing items will look like they cost many times more than what you pay at the cash register. That’s a win-win.

Buying secondhand doesn’t mean compromising on quality or downgrading on style. You can find great used outfits and put your unique spin on them. No one needs to know how little you paid for such great statement pieces.

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