Tips and Tricks to Easily Solve Anagram Puzzles

Anagrams are fascinating things and a great many people love putting their minds to the task of solving an anagram puzzle. These are puzzles where the letters of a word have been mixed up, often in a phrase or word which has some relation to the original. Solving anagram puzzles has many benefits for your cognitive ability and helps people to stay mentally sharp. 

Whilst being able to solve anagrams takes practice and relies somewhat on you having a certain type of brain, it is possible to practice with various methods. For everyone looking to take their word unscrambling skills to another level, here are some expert tips and tricks to easily solve anagram puzzles.

1. Solve Anagram Puzzles All the Time

As with anything, the best way to improve at solving anagram puzzles is through regular practice. Make it a daily or bi-weekly activity and you will soon see your anagram solving skills reach a whole new level. You can find anagram puzzles on various linguistic websites and so there is an almost unlimited supply to help you to become an anagram master. Once you have started to get used to the process, you will start to notice patterns in the anagrams which will help you to solve them more easily.

2. Use a Word Unscrambler Daily

Word unscramblers are great tools for improving various skills but they are particularly useful for improving your anagram solving skills. A word unscrambler will give you a random assortment of letters from which you can make various words. While a word unscrambler, or word finder as they are often called, does not give you an actual anagram, the random assortment of letters they provide you with will help to tick your brain into a certain mode which can then be directly applied to anagrams. There are many word finders online so you can get plenty of practice whenever you want. 

3. Play Boggle Regularly

Boggle is a classic game that brings a word unscrambler to a really fun 3D level. In Boggle, there is a plastic grid with sixteen dice that have different letters on their six faces. Players shake up the dice and then have to make as many words as they can with the letters in one minute. It is a great way to practice your word-making under pressure which also improves your anagram solving skills as you get used to recognizing patterns of letters. 

In addition, if you’re just starting out, you might want to use an online tool like Unscrambled Words to help. You can enter all the letters that you have available in your game of Boggle and the tool will generate words of different lengths that can be made with those letters. Some might consider this cheating, but as long as you’re learning along the way, what’s the harm?

4. Challenge Your Friends and Family to a Game of Scrabble

Scrabble is the most famous word game of them all, and for many people, becoming an accomplished Scrabble player is the ultimate goal of improving their anagram and word unscrambling skills. In Scrabble, each player gets a random set of seven letters from which they must make a word to put out on the game board. 

Tips and Tricks to Easily Solve Anagram Puzzles

Each letter has its own value based on the frequency of that letter in words and there are various squares that can double or triple the value of a single letter or the word as a whole. Playing Scrabble regularly is not only fun, it is also a great way to compete with friends, improve your anagram skills, and build your vocabulary.

5. Start Making your own Anagrams

Once you have honed your anagram solving skills, the next thing you can do is start making your own anagrams. As you do this, you will start to appreciate common patterns and get a better understanding of how anagrams are constructed. The most sophisticated anagrams will be a rearrangement of the letters of a word in which the new arrangement has a similar meaning to the original word. It will take some time to be able to make these sophisticated anagrams but keep at it and you will soon master the skill.

6. Play Anagram Texts with Your Friend

After you have begun creating your own anagrams, you can start testing them out on other people. Start playing anagram texts with a friend or family member who enjoys word and language games as much as you do. Send them your anagrams and give them a time limit in which they have to solve the puzzle. You can make it competitive by having them send one to you or by putting a small wager on it. 

Anagrams are a lot of fun and solving a particularly tricky anagram puzzle can be a very rewarding thing. As with so many types of puzzles, practice makes perfect when it comes to solving anagrams and so it is important to take on as many anagram puzzles as possible. In addition, try out some of the other tips in this article and you will be able to take your anagram skills to another dimension.

Written by George K.

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