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Tips for Sleeping Comfortably with Bruxism Night Guard

So, after considering all well-meaning advice, you finally got a night guard to deal with your teeth grinding habit. But wait, did you say the night guard sucks?

Don’t get disappointed so soon! 

A teeth night guard is your best bet against Bruxism. We agree that sleeping with a strange object in the mouth is easier said than done. But we have some useful tips to help you get past the adjustment phase quickly.

So here’s how you can sleep comfortably wearing a mouth guard.

Get a Good Quality Product

You can easily get a mouth guard or a night guard over the counter. There are several options in the market with pretty competitive prices. Be mindful of the material quality of the product.

How to know if you’ve got a quality product for a good value? That’s simple. High-quality night guards are thin and light as compared to cheap ones that are often bulky and uncomfortable. If your mouth guard’s quality is questionable, there’s no chance you’ll feel comfortable sleeping with it. 

Get a Custom-fitted Night Guard

To a new buyer, custom-fitted nightguards may seem like an expensive deal. But trust us, even the best quality mouthguard can cause trouble if it doesn’t fit you well. If the size of the night guard is not right for you, it can also hurt your mouth’s tissues.

A custom-fitted product like Smile Brilliant’s bruxism night guard is like a tailor-fit tuxedo! Choose a personalized mouth guard designed to suit your dental structure and your personal needs. If the night guard is right, getting used to wearing it will not take much time.

Create a Routine

Don’t just pop the night guard in your mouth immediately before you sleep. Instead, let the night guard become a part of your bedtime routine

We suggest that you put the night guard on after brushing your teeth. Then do your usual stuff: drink some water, read a book, watch TV, or check your phone messages. By the time you snuggle the pillow and doze off, your mouth has enough time to adjust with the night guard.

If you still feel uncomfortable, try a change of position for your head. A little elevation or a side-lying posture may make your night guard feel snugger.

Caring for Your Night Guard

Basic cleaning and care for your night guard are a must. If the night guard is not cleaned daily, it’s sure to accumulate germs and bacteria. Yes, that could be the reason why you’re unable to tolerate the foul smell from the night guard!

Follow every instruction the mouth guard company or your dentist has given you to the T. If you take good care of your mouth guard, it will serve your needs longer.

Give Yourself Time

Most users agree that eventually, everything about a night guard seems alright. It’s just a matter of patience. Be consistent with wearing the night guard to bed, and you’ll soon notice visible relief from bruxism symptoms. That should be a good motivation to keep going.

In a month the night guard won’t bother you at all. Like we said before, don’t get discouraged yet. This is your best shot. If you don’t start wearing the night guard regularly, you’ll never get comfortable using it.

You could get accustomed to wearing the night guard quickly if you start wearing it in the daytime. Put it on for a short while now and then in the day. The more you use the night guard, the sooner you’ll be able to rewire your brain and emotions about it. 

If you try these tips, do come back and share your experience with us in the comments section below.

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