5 Tips To Keep Your Hair Healthy and Winter Ready

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Winter is coming! It is soon going to be time to nestle up in your warm cozy blankets and sip hot cocoa around a homely old-fashioned fireplace. Winter is great for being lazy and camping out in the house watching Netflix and chilling. But, there is one part of you that doesn’t enjoy winters because of your hair. Hair tends to dry out giving you an itchy or flaky scalp. It becomes lifeless during the cold winter months. 

5 Tips To Keep Your Hair Healthy and Winter Ready
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This is why many people struggle with their hair problems during winters. Hair easily breaks, sheds a lot, and makes handling hair a lot troublesome. This blog is going to help you take care of your tresses during the harsh cold weather with 5 tips to keep your hair healthy and winter-ready. Forget all your hair care worries with the tips that we have put together. 

1. Don’t wash your hair too often 

I’m sure there are already a few who don’t wash their luscious locks during winters ‘cause it is extremely cold. May make you think that washing your hair frequently keeps it clean but it also strips off the natural oils from your hair. Winter months are already cold and dry, washing hair with shampoo will further make your hair dry and irritate your scalp. Keep the time between washes more than usual. Use shampoo not more than twice in one week. You should also opt for mild and sulfate-free shampoos to retain the moisture that is naturally present in your hair.   

2. Oil Massages 

Yeah, we know oil massages can get messy but your hair will thank you for it. Oils like coconut or olive oil work well for moisturizing hair during the winter months. The lack of moisture in the air can make your hair flaky, dry and give you dandruff. A hair massage with hot oil can help moisturize your scalp and promote blood circulation. This will penetrate through the hair shafts and encourage the growth of hair by nourishing the hair follicles.  

3. Condition the right way 

Never skip that conditioner! Especially in winters. Use the thickest of conditioners that are infused with natural oils like coconut, jojoba, olive, and more like shea butter. This will ensure deep conditioning and hydration. 

The right way to condition your hair – After rinsing out the shampoo, apply a generous amount of good quality conditioner to the lengths of your hair. Make sure the ends are well-conditioned as well. Avoid applying conditioner to your scalp. Leave it on for a few minutes, you can keep it as long as 30 minutes. Wash it with regular water. This will seal in all the hydration from the conditioner and keep your tresses nourished. 

4. Say No To Hot Shower

This seems impossible in winter but this is damaging your hair. Hot showers are a must during the cold winter months. You feel relaxed and rejuvenated but not your hair. Hot water can take away the natural oils from your hair and make your hair dry and breakage-prone. It will also make your scalp dry and might give you dandruff.

You can have a lukewarm water bath for your hair but end it with cold water to lock in the moisture in the cuticles. 

5. Hair Mask Therapy 

There are plenty of hair masks available in the market that give your hair the required nourishment. Hair masks work as a preventive therapy for hair problems in winters. Apply a hair mask once a week to get the necessary hair care and love that your hair deserves. You can either pick up store-bought hair masks or opt for making your well-conditioned hair masks at home. Trust me, it is easy and effective. 

You can use eggs, honey, vitamin e, yogurt, and many other supplies that are easily available in your pantry. Egg yolks provide peptides that are water-soluble helping your hair to grow and condition it. Honey is a natural softener and has amino acids along with vitamins that will make your hair soft and shine. Apply hair serums or oils and keep it overnight to add some more hydration. 


Haircare during winters is crucial, it ensures that your hair suffers no damage and remains healthy. Follow these 5 tips to make your hair winter-ready and keep it healthy throughout the dry winters. Hair needs special attention and love to keep it healthy and strong. You don’t want hair that is thin and breaks easily. Beautiful locks add to everybody’s beauty so why not take good care of it? With these tips, you can have luscious hair throughout winter that will grab attention and get you compliments. Start prepping your hair for the frosty weather before it is too late.

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