Top 8 Interesting Facts About Cybersecurity

Cybercrimes are of great threat to any company, place, or individual. It’s the ultimate cost of technological advancements and human errors. Understanding how to assess and strengthen your security system is now a vital necessity for the security of your information, as well as your family’s and client’s information. Security attacks have consequences on your life, credit score, insurance, client’s information, and work opportunities. To minimize risks, make sure to hire professionals who will guarantee the safety and security of your virtual life. Below are 8 interesting facts about cybersecurity.

1. It’s a Trillion-Dollar Industry 

It’s no secret that this is a booming business, and is only on the rise as technology advances. One proof of this how easy it is nowadays to complete a cyber security course online than in the past.  Cybersecurity is a real business, but a lot of individuals and companies are not into it yet. Sooner or later, they will be forced to spend millions of dollars to avoid cyber attacks. Approximately, there’s an attack every 30 seconds. Also, cyberattacks used to be about the thrill of knowing hidden information. But now,  cybercriminals are in it to make money in every way possible. A simple data breach can cost public companies hundreds of millions of dollars, not to mention the clients they would lose.

2. It Takes 6 Months to Suspend Attacks 

You have to be sure you look around for companies that will help you deduct and suspend cyberattacks before it’s too late. Cybersecurity professionals on this website explain that it’s vital to have certified professionals who provide guidance and assistance to your IT security systems while maintaining the highest ethical and quality standards. Receiving standard accreditation is also very important for the overall security of your company. It takes almost 6 months for a company to realize the attack and suspend it. Hospitals, universities and even NASA encountered cybersecurity attacks. Most of them don’t even realize it until the attackers have already taken almost all the information they need. By then, it is too late.

3. Most Attackers Target Small Businesses 

When it comes to who is most vulnerable, you’ll find that individuals and small companies are the usual targets of attack. About 35% of companies are prepared for a cybersecurity attack, the rest don’t even realize they need to. The attackers usually look around for vulnerable security systems that are easiest to gain control of. Even though attacks are easily prevented, if you don’t start working on how to do so right now, you might end up paying millions of dollars to some hacker or your clients. You will also face legal penalties as a result of putting people’s private information at risk. 

4. Email Attacks

No matter how advanced we become in terms of technology, email is something that is still widely used. Whether it be for personal communication or business, it’s not something we’re willing to give up on just yet. So it makes sense that email is considered great when it comes to cybersecurity. More than 70% of individuals and employees do not know how to detect an email that would cause a cybersecurity attack. Phishing emails are sometimes hard to recognize. They are one of the easiest ways for attackers to get the job done easily. 

5. Social Media Attacks 

Millions of social media users have encountered cybersecurity breaches more than once in their lifetime. There are so many social media attacks to the extent that in 2011 one of the hackers shared Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook password which was “dadada”. 

6. Cyberattacks are Easy to Avoid

If you take simple steps regularly like updating your software, checking your malware, and making use of cloud-based solutions to minimize the risk of getting a cyber attack. 

7. Since Covid-19, the Number of Cybercrimes Tripled 

Because of COVID-19, all employees and companies work from home instead of offices, which means weaker security systems, resulting in more frequent cyberattacks.

8. It’s Usually Due to Human Error 

According to studies, increasing your employee’s technological literacy could decrease the chances of a cyberattack by 60%. Make sure you keep your employees, children, and other family members are constantly reminded of the dangers an iffy email might hold. 

Cyberattacks cost billions of dollars every single year. It’s not only limited to anti-viruses, but you also need to be able to tell the factors that could lead to a data breach or when a hacker is about to infect your computer. Set a strategy to ensure the security of your and your company’s information, make sure you get assistance from professionals that can detect a cybersecurity issue as soon as it occurs and always be prepared for it.

Written by Jordan

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