Travel and Learning: Overseas Field Trip Ideas

Students spend so much time inside their classrooms. This makes them think that education is boring and confining. But it doesn’t always have to be like that. There’s a lot for them to learn outside the class. Spending hours talking about the history of a city isn’t nearly as magical as seeing it with your own eyes. That’s why schools should organize several field trips overseas. Children of all ages will appreciate traveling and learning history, science, and art. It will be a treat for teachers too who work hard with the kids. Here are some overseas field trip destinations:

Barcelona in Spain

Barcelona is one of the most beautiful cities in Catalonia, which is in North Spain. There’s always a place in Barcelona you haven’t seen yet as it’s filled with landmarks. For art lovers, there’s the National Museum of Art in Catalonia and the work of Picasso. For football lovers, they can pay a visit to Camp Nou. 

You can find a lot of history and architecture in places like the Gothic Quarter, Gaudi’s buildings, and the church of Santa Maria Del Mar. There are places just for fun like the Platja de Barceloneta, which is a beach, and some colorful parks and amusement parks. 

Rome in Italy

This list would be incomplete without the Eternal City. Also known as the Capital of the World, Rome is so rich in the history of art, religion, and architecture. The Roman civilization still never fails to leave us in awe of its creations. From piazzas or main squares to fountains to churches and then many more churches. And you can always find a place to rest in a cafe or restaurant with authentic Italian food. 

There are other ways to discover monuments from the Roman Empire. If you want to know more about Roman history without going overseas, you can have the ultimate Roman school trip to York. You will find remnants from when the Romans invaded and lived in York for centuries.

Krakow in Poland

Krakow, traditionally known as Cracow, is the second biggest city in Poland. It was its capital for centuries which makes it a place of attraction. Visit Krakow’s old town, and you’ll be amazed by the medieval history showcased. There are places not to miss there like the market square that has hotels, cafes, landmarks, and museums. 

There’s the Cloth Hall for souvenirs’ lovers, which has a museum as well. The museum contains Polish art from the 19th century. If you want to have a view of the old town, visit the Town Hall Tower which is what remained of the Town Hall that was built in the 15th century and demolished in the 19th century. 

Right below the old town, pay a visit to Kazimierz. It has many old and new landmarks that celebrate Jewish heritage like the Old Synagogue, Galicia Jewish Museum, and Schindler’s Factory. 

Berlin in Germany

Berlin is the home of many recent historical events like World War II. But it also contains a lot of landmarks that are related to art, language, science, and much more. It’s a good chance for your students to learn about the war and its effect on the city. They can visit the Jewish Museum and then look for Checkpoint Charlie Museum and the Topography of Terror. 

For students who love film, they will appreciate a visit to the Museum of Film and Television which explores the history of film in Berlin. Contemporary art is displayed in the Museum of Contemporary Art known as Hamburger Bahnhof. There are several science museums for future scientists to explore. 

Amsterdam in the Netherlands

Amsterdam is a popular destination because it’s close to the United Kingdom. But it’s also popular for landmarks like Van Gogh’s Museum and Anne Frank’s House. Next to the Van Gogh’s Museum, there’s the Rijksmuseum that showcases the history and art of Amsterdam.  The Royal Palace of Amsterdam named Paleis Op De Dam, which the prestigious building that remained from the golden age is open to visitors.

Europe is so rich in history and art that is capable of changing students. They will grow to appreciate and love stories, art exhibitions, science, religion, and architecture. It can make them grow a passion for one of these branches and even pick a major early on. It’s dull to hear of beauty and never witness it firsthand. They will also learn to appreciate people from different backgrounds and cultures. All in all, this one trip overseas can help in their character development.

Written by Jordan

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