Top Common Responsive Web Design Mistakes: How To Avoid

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As a growing brand, the last thing you would like to make a mistake in your website design before launching it for your audiences. 

A professional website has now become a requirement for gaining new customers. This is because your website becomes the first point of contact for any new user and offers its help to foster credibility.

Ideally, the most effective website offers –

  • Smooth navigation.
  • Optimal user-friendly experience.
  • Ensures a steady flow of targeted leads.
  • Boost ongoing sales.

And you can only achieve this by creating a website with responsive web design. You can let professionals like Digitrio look at your website design. They will be able to tell what things need to be changed and what needs to be redesigned.

What Is A Responsive Web Design?

A responsive web design is a methodology that implies the website design offers what users need. The needs are mostly related to the user’s behavior and environment based on different devices.

A responsive web design is all about designing your website effectively to the point you can open that website on any website with any screen size.

With responsive website design, your website will adapt to any screen size and offer the best user experience, whether a laptop, desktop, tablet, or smartphone.

Top Responsive Web Design Mistakes

There are many mistakes developers make even today. However, you will be surprised to know that some of the mistakes we are about to list below are easy to avoid. But, still, developers are still making them.

Below we have listed down the top common web design mistakes with solutions.

Mistake 1: Lack Of Clear Call To Action

Call To Action buttons are the bread and butter of your business. These buttons help your business convert visiting customers to paying customers and generate business revenue.

Hence, ensure that you have all your CTAs in a clear vision of the visitors so that they can take immediate action. In addition, keep your CTAs simple and concise.

Mistake 2: Unclear Brand Messaging

Unclear Brand Messaging – This is one of the underrated website design mistakes. Your customers connect with your brands because you have the best service and products for them. But, there is one more reason why they become loyal to your brand – It’s your brand message. 

Your brand message is all about how you see your audiences and your aim with the products and services. To stand out from the rest of the competitors, your brand message needs to come from your brand vision, values, and beliefs.

Mistake 3: Hard To Find Contact Info

Your business should be everybody’s business. When a customer needs help with their products or needs any kind of customer support, they need to have an easy way to get in touch with you.

Most websites do not have their contact information on the header or footer, which can deteriorate customers’ experience

You must understand that they are on your website to find an easy way to communicate with your brand. If they do not find that, they might stop trusting your brand and shift to your competitors.

Mistake 4: Website Lack Mobile-Friendliness

This might be on the last of the list, but it is one of the major mistakes developers are still making.

In an age where more than 70% of the total searches are happening from mobile phones, you must design your website for mobile.

If your website is not mobile-friendly, prioritize it and do it right now! Why?

  • 40% of users have gone to competitors after a poor user experience.
  • 57% of users say they will never recommend a website with a poor experience.
  • 67% of users are more likely to buy from a mobile-friendly website.

Now It’s Your Turn!

A website is your business’s most important asset. So, you need it to be as flawless as possible to create a great first impression. But, to do that, you need to avoid these web design mistakes. 

Don’t worry. Although these web design mistakes can affect your site performance, you can easily avoid them with little awareness.

So, are you making these common mistakes? Or are there any other mistakes you would like us to add here? If there are any, please drop them in the comment section.

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