Tribute Message To A Dead Friend

Tribute Message To A Dead Friend

Taking a moment to express my feelings about someone truly dear to me – my beloved friend. The moment I heard of her passing, I felt heavy in my heart and filled me with profound sadness. She wasn’t just a friend but she was one among our family. Her presence in my life was a constant source of inspiration and joy. 

I would like to recall the day when we went out suddenly without any plans for a road trip. With no destination set, we ventured into nature to escape the city’s hustle and bustle. We went for a small truck ride and had fun with each other. We found ourselves doubled over in laughter and basking in the sunshine. It was her who made you forget the place, time and always transforming mishaps into cherished memories. Her energy makes you feel like you are escaped.  

I can still hear the sound echoing in my mind, a reminder of the countless moments of happiness we shared together. We made each other for roaming, cravings for food or snacks and shopping.  

Her voice, laughter, smile still resonates in my mind that she is capable of brightening even the darkest of days. The memories serve as a reminder of the countless moments we shared together, brightening even the gloomiest of days. She was like a magician used to attracting people with her kindness. 

What truly defines her, in my memory, is her unwavering kindness. She was a source of support, encouragement and first to help friends. She exuded a genuine warmth and selflessness that left a lasting impression on all who knew her. Countless instances come to my mind. She was lending a sympathetic ear, understanding  and being a pillar to those in need. I was really lucky to get her friendship in my life. Thank you god for making both of us meet but really felt sad that you didn’t make it for long last. However through this letter I would like to say that my friend was a diamond one among many.

 She was a remarkable talent that she used to craft using simplest of ingredients and prepare mouth watering treats. To remember, one day she surprised me on my birthday with a homemade cake prepared by her. It wasn’t solely about the cake itself, but rather the heartfelt gesture and the genuine thoughtfulness she poured into making me feel cherished. I’ll forever treasure the moment she surprised me with a homemade cake. I love the way she valued and cared for me. 

So here to you my dear friend, With heartfelt gratitude, love and laughter for you and for the memories you have left for the lifetime. Though you have departed, your presence and vibes will always remain in my heart and soul. A cherished memory that never fails till my last breath. Feeling so emotional to pen down about her. Wishing you peace my friend and our prayers are always with your family.

Rest in peace my Friend.

With Love,

Your Bestie.

Written by Mia

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