Understanding the Importance of Soil Testing

Understanding the Importance of Soil Testing

Soil is truly what makes our world go round. Without it, we would be left with no fruits, vegetables, and plenty of other animals and wildlife. That’s what makes it so important to check that your soil is as healthy as possible.

The healthiness of soil is determining by a test that breaks down the chemical, physical, and biological components of the soil. This will be able to tell you all about the nutrients in your soil and its pH level.

So let’s take a look into the benefits of soil test and how it can improve anyone’s crops no matter the size.

How To Test Your Soil At Home

Soil testing may seem unattainable to people, especially if you’re someone who gardens for personal reasons, however, soil testing has actually been made very simple. You can easily purchase a DIY test kit from your local gardening warehouse. The folks behind noted that it’s important to make sure that your DIY kits are cared for and cleaned before each and every use. Now, into the importance of soil testing!

Know When Your Soil Needs Improving

One of the most obvious reasons why you should test your soil is to know when or if your soil needs to be improved. Having healthy soil is linked to having healthier crops. Like we mentioned, soil testing is able to break down the components of your soil. This will allow you to know whether or not you’re using enough or possibly too much fertilizer.

The health of your soil also impacts how much nutrition your crop will give when eaten. Soil improving isn’t just at the benefit of having a more efficient and full crop, it also impacts you and/or your customers health.

Improve Agriculture Productivity

Once you recognize what your crop’s soil needs are, being able to up productivity will be easier than ever. When your soil has the proper levels of fertility, your soil will be able to better absorb its nutrients, like water and sunlight, and grow at faster rates.

Apart from improving your soil by determining your needs, you can also add organic material to your crops such as manure, which will also improve the functionality of your soil. Say goodbye to struggling crops!

If you’re looking to go into more detail about improving your soil the internet is full of tips on how productivity can be increased in the agriculture industry.

Never Rely On Fertilizers Again

People who aren’t consistently testing their soils are essentially feeding their crops blindly, which can lead to over fertilization. This can be detrimental to your crop and wallet, especially if these crops are a source of income. Too much fertilizer raises the pH level of your soil which can result in burnt leaves and nutrient leaching. Not to mention it’s a big contributor to water pollution. Over fertilization doesn’t just affect the crop, but the habitats and aquatic life around it.

Luckily, with testing, this is highly preventable. Being able to know the exact amount of fertilizer needed also means saving money that would have previously wasted on unneeded fertilizer. Buying excess fertilizer also isn’t the greatest for the environment, mainly because it is composed of limited resources. This is why more and more people are opting for organic fertilizers.

It Prevents Soil Degradation

Soil Degradation is exactly what it sounds like. If you do not properly care for your soil or agriculture in general, your soil will begin to decline physically and chemically. As mentioned above this can be because of over-fertilization, but it can also be due to other pollutants, structural changes, or excessively damp conditions.

It’s harmful to every environment when they experience soil degrading because of how essential the mineral is to our lifestyle.

On average 24 billion tonnes of soil is affecting by this each year. Soil restoration is possible however it is a lengthy process that most farmers, with their source of income lost, will not be able to afford. Being able to identify your soil needs, will help prevent this from happening, hence the importance of soil testing.

Way To Improve Your Soil

Once you’ve detected the needs of your soil, here are some ways you can move forward to improve it:

  • Define Walkways in your crop
  • Do not till instead sheet mulch
  • Add Organic components
  • Add Nitrogen
  • Avoid gardening when your soil is wet or damp

Understanding the Importance of Soil Testing

Soil testing is a crucial part of agriculture and gardening. The soil will determine the health of the plants, it is advisable to regularly check the soil’s quality to make sure that it will give high-quality produce.

Written by George K.

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