Before and After Checklist for every aspirant who is applying for the CTET

Before and After Checklist for every aspirant who is applying for the CTET

There is a checklist for every task that we want to run smoothly. For a house party? Yes, the Checklist goes on from Balloons, Decors, Plates, Food to Guest lists. For a trip? Yes. The luggage, the clothes according to the destination, the gadgets, the medicines, cash and the lists goes on.

The Checklist is a secure way to keep essentials organized and be well prepared instead of running around very last minute. But, we miss such a list for crucial situations or tasks, and mistakes can ruin the event big time. One such life-changing event is- Examination. While some pass by flying colours, some may need another attempt to dig a flag across the finishing line.

Examinations are critical stepping stones that decide your future. Ever imagined the severity of a competitive exam?

While we cannot even consider this, or this might be a nightmare, we can goof up to prepare for examinations. And as humans are full of errors, teachers are no different. Like there are various examinations, including the competitive exams, teachers also have to appear for one if they want to bag a rewarding position in a government body.

That narrows to the Central Teachers Eligibility Test (CTET) as one of the most difficult exams. So if we consider making a checklist for such an exam, how would it be. Definitely, a before one and an after one.

A checklist before the exam-

  • Knowledge about the exam in depth is a must-have for all aspiring candidates.
  • Every candidate must know beforehand about when the exam is conducted. Also, when is the deadline to fill up the forms for the exam.
  • One must know the fees applicable for the Central Teachers Eligibility Test and the payment mode regarding the same.
  • Before considering the exam, it’s a solid suggestion to check the eligibility criteria that will help you prepare if you have less chances in hand. Everything is included in the eligibility notice, the age, educational requirements, languages, and reservation category.
  • The syllabus is a very vital ingredient for attempting any type of examination. One must know the syllabus by heart to understand the fundamentals. The chapters, the subjects, and the questions are the non-negotiable requirements.
  • Once a candidate knows the syllabus, it is easier to find books according to the requirement and plan the studies. A strict schedule for studying is key to stay focused.
  • While we speak of books, we cannot deny the role of virtual portals, which offers excellent exposure and a proper understanding of the subjects. One can enrol for such studies at their own pace and space.
  • Always be well aware of the selection process. Knowing it well will give you time to collect or keep the required documents or fees handy.
  • Decide which paper you would like to opt for in CTET or whether you will opt for both of them. The papers are divided according to the classes the candidate may want to teach.
  • For being one step ahead, a candidate should know the exam pattern. And for that, one may want to solve previous papers to get a broader perspective on how the marks are weighted with each question and how much time one needs to solve a particular question.
  • Be well aware of the cut off to crack the exam. Taking a quiz or mock test may benefit you and enhance the chances of securing a good rank.
  • It is always advisable to print the admit card as soon as possible. An aspirant must check the details of him/her. The name, date of birth, address, photograph, CTET Exam Date and signature should be double-checked.

Post Examination Checklist

  • Just because the exam is done and dusted doesn’t mean the role is done here. Hence, one must preserve the Admit card properly for future reference.
  • CTET allows the candidate to check the answer key after the examination, and it is better to check ones. This will give a candidate an idea of what to expect from the CTET Result. This may help you prepare for the procedure or start with the preparation for the next exam.

The above Checklist might sketch an outline about the CTET examination and the ticks you might want to mark against the pointers!

Written by George K.

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