Unleash Your Inner Handyman using versatile tools like utility knives

How to unleash one’s inner handyman abilities

Nowadays, many people have found that being able to accomplish basic handyman projects can become helpful in many ways. Being a handyman means being experienced and able to repair numerous tasks – such as woodwork, electrical work, carpentry, maintenance, painting, and so on. One of the many benefits of being able to do handyman work is that one can repair something around the house by themselves. 

Additionally, when one becomes experienced in the field, one can make a side hustle by becoming a handyman. 

So, to unleash one’s inner handyman abilities, one needs to try numerous tasks and become experienced by making mistakes and learning from them. 

However, to gain the needed experience, one must have the necessary tools available at any moment. Thus, it is important to invest in versatile tools that make the process easier and safer.

What versatile tools should every handyman own

Being a handyman is no easy work – a handyman needs to have the right skills necessary to become an expert. However, to practice and gain experience to improve the skills, it is important to have some tools available in a toolbox. 

One of the most important tools that every handyman should think of investing in is safety tools – such as a dust mask, safety glasses, gloves, etc. A second necessary tool is a cutting tool – whether it is a scissor, utility knife, or box cutter. There are a lot of brands offering these types of cutting tools, for instance, Stanley, Lenox, SliceProducts. One of the features that should be taken into account when choosing a cutting tool and especially utility knives is the safety as well as the convenient grip.  For these kinds of projects, Slice Products’ utility knives can become useful as they have the exact features of safety and easy grip, needed to make the cutting experience smoother and safer. Lastly, a handyman should have a tape measure, leveler, and drilling equipment available, as they can be used for any handyman’s work. 

The tools mentioned above can be used for any type of project; however, there are a lot of other tools that can be necessary depending on the job one needs to accomplish. So, ensure you are aware of what the necessary tools are for your job. 

How does a utility knife become helpful for a handyman

A handyman will inevitably need a cutting tool to cut any type of material or surface. For this reason, a utility knife can be helpful as its sharp blade has the ability to cut through many different materials without any regard to the surface’s thickness. For instance, a utility knife can cut through paper, cardboard, and even drywall and wood. 

On the other hand, a utility knife ensures a safer experience for users in many ways. To further elaborate, a utility knife is equipped with numerous safety features, such as a lock feature that allows people more grip and control over the tool. Additionally, a utility knife can be used for electrical work without any worry about whether the blade will transmit energy and electrify the user. This safety measure is due to the materials used to produce the blade.

However, the innovative and enhanced features do not guarantee the fullest extent of security for the user; thus, one needs to educate themselves on the accurate ways of using a utility knife.

Tips for using a utility knife to ensure a safe cutting experience

1- Always hold the utility knife at an angle away from your body

When it coms to using a utility knife, many people do not pay attention to the way they hold the sharp tip. However, this plays a huge part in ensuring safety. When the sharp blade is held at an angle away from ones body, it decreases the possibility of the knife cutting through their skin when the tool slips from their hands. 

So, make sure to hold the sharp blade at an angle away from your body.

2- Make good use of the lock feature

Some may think that the lock feature can only be used after one is done using the knife – to hold the blade in its place. Even though this is one of its uses, the lock feature can also be helpful to lock the blade in its place during the cutting process. This tip allows users to gain more control over the tool and helps to avoid slips. 

Different handyman projects using a utility knife

Many types of projects can be accomplished using a utility knife; however, specifically with a utility knife, one can accomplish electrical work – such as cutting wires – without having to worry about electrifying oneself. Additionally, utility knives can be used on wet surfaces or even underwater as the zirconium oxide used to produce the blade has high levels of rust resistance. 


In a nutshell, to unleash one’s inner handyman abilities, one needs to gain a lot of experience to become a master in the field, and in order to achieve that, one needs to invest in innovative tools to make the process easier, smoother, and most importantly, safer. 

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