Want To Get Into Paddleboarding? Here Are Some Helpful Tips


Paddleboarding is a great relaxing activity to do while you are on the water. It can be done on calmer waters, or even in more active and rougher waters. However, it is important that you start from the beginning and learn the basics. Here are some helpful tips to get you started.

Location For Paddleboarding

When you first consider the idea of paddleboarding, you need to choose an ideal location for you to learn and be on the water. You want to always be aware of your environment, being able to see hazards and obstacles that may be in the distance but could be along your pathway. You want to have this understanding and awareness to ensure that you are able to react appropriately.

Choosing The Right Board

Depending on your level of comfort and skills, as well as your own personal preference, you want to choose the right paddle board cheap for yourself. As explored through this link, many factors go into choosing between a variety of boards for you. Different boards provide different benefits, from the capacity to hold you, speed, durability, budget, and overall performance. You want to ensure that you evaluate your needs and consider what is important when choosing your board.

Go Barefoot

One helpful tip to consider when you are starting to get into paddleboarding is to go barefoot. You will use your toes a significant amount while paddleboarding, like this, will assist you in keeping balanced while standing. It is a good idea to go barefoot, especially when you first start, as you will have the most control and feel of your board and balance while on the water. Wearing wet shoes, wetsuit boots, or flip-flops may lead to more cramping in your feet and toes.

Paddleboarding Is Most Stable While Moving

Similar to riding a bike, your paddleboard is most stable while it is moving. You will want to build forward momentum while on your knees first before attempting to stand up. If there is wind in the location that you are paddleboarding, try to use it to your advantage, moving with the wind as opposed to against it. This will help maintain your direction and momentum while you try to stand. As you try to stand, make sure that you do so at a moderate speed, as standing too quickly may result in the board shooting out from underneath you while standing too slow, you may lose your balance. As soon as you are in your standing position, try to get your paddle back in the water as quickly as possible to regain that forward movement.


Keep in mind that when you do get to a standing position on your paddleboard, you won’t be able to readjust and change your position, especially when you first start out. You will want to maintain the balance you have established, and making adjustments may throw that off. Be sure to check that you are in the correct position before you stand up and establish yourself. The most stable position around most boards is around the handle, so consider where that is on your board. When standing, remember that the wider your stance, the more stability you will provide yourself. Additionally, bending your knees slightly will also provide you stability, and allow you to adjust and absorb any movement in your board.

Want To Get Into Paddleboarding? Here Are Some Helpful Tips

Correct Paddling Techniques

You must practice the proper techniques while paddleboarding. As discussed, movement and momentum are extremely important. Without it, you will find it difficult to maintain your balance. You want to keep your arms extended out, but not locked, allowing you to paddle with large circles. Using the proper techniques with large and confident strokes will allow you to keep up your speed while on your board as well as keep your balance.

Always Wear Your Leash

Always wear a leash, regardless of the water you are surfing on. It may be flat and calm for one minute but easily change with some wind and waves. Having a leash ensures that you never lose your board, and can easily swim to it for safety when you fall off. Don’t worry about falling, as this happens with everyone, especially beginners. It is important that you are comfortable, and maybe even getting wet and taking a swim can reduce your hesitancy of falling off your board.

Take your time when you are trying to learn how to paddleboard. It requires balance and skill, but most importantly patience. You will fall a lot, but don’t let that deter you. Once you get the hang of it, you will enjoy being in the sun, out on the water.

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