Weed Container Types to Keep Your Stash from Drying

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If your weed has turned from bright green to dull brown, that means its potent effects have been decreased. Smoking it this way won’t be as enjoyable because your buds will be all dried and crusty. So, to avoid harsher smoke and bad taste, you should store your stash in proper containers in order to keep it fresh at all times.

Fortunately, there are many types of weed containers that can help keep cannabis strains from going bad. The best ones are usually made from durable materials such as glass, wood or metal and offer great features that can also have an impact on the potency of the weed.

To help you choose the best cannabis storage, we have rounded up the five most popular weed container types on the market and how they help preserve the quality and freshness of your buds.


Mason jars

Glass mason jars may be every cannabis user’s first choice when it comes to storing weed. Their best feature is that they are airtight which is crucial for keeping the potency of the flower buds and preventing them from drying up, becoming moldy and losing their flavor.

Another reason why consumers opt for this weed container type is because it is easy to clean and doesn’t fail like other materials that leak compounds or allow the temperature to fluctuate. Just remember to put it somewhere dark to avoid exposing the weed to direct light.

Bamboo containers

If you are looking for a container made from natural materials, then a bamboo stash jar or box is the perfect choice for you. The exterior design of this storage type is made of bamboo wood which gives the entire container a sleek finish. Because of this, they are very discreet and easy to carry while on the go. Users can even have them engraved to make it more original and personal.

In addition to its stylish appearance, the container also offers excellent features. The most important ones include always keeping the herbs in great condition by preserving their aroma and quality.

Storage with a built-in grinder

A grinder is a feature many cannabis consumers would like to have available at all times. Fortunately, there are weed containers that are efficient in keeping your strains fresh and potent, while including a built-in grinder. They are an excellent choice when you are on the go and want to avoid carrying more stuff for your buds.

For example, there are some glass jars that actually have this as part of their packaging. Usually, the grinder portion is placed below the storage area where you can place your herbs and grind them to your satisfaction.

Humidity control container

Protecting your weed from moisture is essential to extending its freshness and preserving its quality. That’s why you should look for a humidity control container that offers this feature and keeps your buds from developing mold.

In fact, such containers usually include humidity packets that help preserve the moisture of your weed. Their sealing is airtight and can effectively keep the buds always fresh and potent.

However, if you choose a weed container without this feature, you can still put a cannabis humidor inside your packaging and control the humidity levels of your herbs.

Plastic bags

A mistake cannabis consumers often make when they store their buds is they use plastic bags instead of containers made from more durable materials. The thing with plastic is that it leaks chemicals which can affect the flavor and aroma of the weed and provide a less pleasant smoke to users.

In addition to this, plastic baggies are usually yieldable which means that when they are filled and sealed, they may change in shape. This can further cause your weed to separate from the buds and affect its quality. This will be an unfortunate waste of good weed and a much less enjoyable smoking experience.

Weed Container Types to Keep Your Stash from Drying

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Final thoughts

Whether you are an avid weed consumer or just entering the cannabis world, it is crucial that you store your buds properly in order to keep them from drying out. One of doing so is to look for a weed container that ensures ideal humidity levels and maximum flavor for your herbs. From glass mason jars to containers with additional features, make sure you choose the one that will best serve your weed needs.

For more information, be sure to refer back to our post to make the right decision when it comes to storing your stash.

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