What are Some Good Primitive Living Room Ideas?

Primitive decors generally remind us of the days of the early Americans. Back then, many of the home decors were usually handmade. This made them unique. However, with technology, many of these handmade items have been reproduced on a large scale. The furnishings are forms of treasures. To get a primitive theme for your living room, the major rule is to make use of primitive furnishings.

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Here Are Several Ideas for You on Designing A Primitive Living Room

Birds on the walls

No, we’re not advocating that you deny birds of their right to fly and tie them to walls. Rather, the idea is to use a few paintings of birds on the wall at a corner of the living room. Find such prints at thrift shops and ensure you purchase them and bring them to your living room.

A Temple Bell

A good temple bell can be a good addition to your living room. Place it in an attractive place, such as on a table or a center table, the shelf or any other place where it obvious enough for easy reference. It gives a sense of history and fits perfectly into a primitive living room setting.


A tabletop which has been made in a primitive way can simply be perfected by placing two or three pieces of glazed pottery right on its top. The pottery on the tabletop shouldn’t have a blank wall behind it. Instead, it should have a simple artwork (which could have a monochrome theme), designed on simple wood right behind it. You can use red oak floating shelves for your pottery display to give it a touch of rustic charm. Fresh orchid could be placed inside one of the glazed pottery pieces, which could simply double as a flower vase.  This kind of tabletop can be at the left hand of your living room, at the very edge of the wall. Potted plants are great on the tabletop, but for an organic design, you can consult the international florists at MyGlobalFlowers for advice on flowers. 

Use Prints

Sometimes, what sets primitive décor apart from normal décor is the use of prints. Prints make the difference, especially if they are used well. Use lots of prints, but of course in a properly combined way. The prints can be used for the chairs as well as the rugs. Prints make a bold statement when used in the right way and if these prints are primitive-themed, then they could make the whole outlook of your living room primitive, even without the use of any of the other ideas.


Imagine using wooden crates to design a table and placing a glass over them. That would look very primitive. Now imagine stocking those crates with seashells and pebbles. They would end up looking even more primitive. This could form a great center table for your living room. Crates can also be used in other creative ways, so keep thinking creatively.

What are Some Good Primitive Living Room Ideas?

Pieces of Unexpected Art

Substitute normal trays or wall-flower designs that you would find in the living room, for basket-woven items. Things like this would give a “wow” feeling to your guests. You could also place things on horseshoe shelves, as opposed to placing them on the regular shelves. The charm unexpected pieces of art give are irregular and that is exactly what makes those pieces awesome. You could have some of your light fittings also totally different from the normal ones; they could be made from embroidered hoops.

Final Thoughts

Many of the items that set primitive decors aside are very normal, but only have a touch of uniqueness. Therefore, the next time you think of a primitive living room or making any other part of your house primitive, bear it in mind that these ideas are not farfetched, but are simply derived from turning usual items into special ones.

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