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What Are THC Diamonds and How Are They Made? 

THC diamonds are the highest in the hierarchy of weed extracts as they are the most potent. Just like the precious gems they are named for, they are extracted using the least disruptive method and have the highest form of purity of all weed products. They are also shaped like diamonds, hence the name. 

THC diamonds are formed from live resin extracted through cold extraction. The resulting pure THCa crystals will have a 97% purity while the rest 3% goes to terpenes and cannabinoids. They become the purest form of THC and, thus, the most potent. 

Diamonds Wax

When extracting canna oil from the plant, butane oil is usually used, and one of the by-products is wax of shatter. Diamonds wax contains high levels of THC and will result in a high when smoked. They are first heated highly before consumption, and their effects are felt immediately. 

Diamonds Sauce

Diamonds sauce is a high concentration of isolated cannabinoids and terpenes. Since terps are what give the strains their unique smell and taste, these sauces are rich in aroma and taste. It is one of the healthiest ways to consume marijuana because it is free of fats and wax. 

How to Make THCA Diamonds

THC A diamonds will not make you high until they are heated up, which is why diamonds are smoked in dab rigs or vaporizers that get hot enough to give you the psychotic effect of THC. They are formed under pressure after extracting the oil from cannabis plants. The oil is passed through a chromatography machine that adds pressure to it until crystals form. The best oil is from freshly harvested plants to preserve the cannabinoids, terpenes, and trichomes in the resultant diamonds. This represents the first phase of formation.  

The second phase happens through either of these two methods: 

  • Closed-loop system
  • Crystalline method.

The expert will use a liquid solvent to separate the THC and terpenes from the oil in the closed-loop system. Purging happens over the next two to several days, during which THCa crystals form. 

The THC isolate and a liquid solvent are mixed with the crystalline method to create a supersaturated solution to which pressure is applied. The pressure leads to the formation of crystals, and the liquid will evaporate during the process.  

Weed Diamonds Consumption Methods 

Because of their potency, THC diamonds are quite popular among recreational users. We mentioned they are inactive until subjected to heat, but they are almost 100% pure. Initially, they were more popular among medical users for their symptom-numbing quality for treatment-resistant ailments. Their effects linger longer in the body than regular joints or even wax. 

To smoke weed diamonds, you will need a vaporizer or dab rig since they can handle the heat required to bring out the psychotic effects of THC. Preheat your rig, and then load it with the diamond with some sauce. Let it heat, and then inhale the same way you would regular oil. 

It helps to remember how potent the THCa diamonds are when smoking, so one hit may be enough if you are unfamiliar with the product. Even if you can anticipate its potency, you may want to take it slow at first. 

The potency could make you rightly worry about the safety of this product. As you can tell from its extraction, the diamond is pretty safe, save for the smoking part that comes with expected caution. Again, you want to start slow to understand the potency before going hard, as it could leave you high for several hours. 


Weed diamonds are still a relatively new concept that is gaining popularity quite fast due to the purity of the product. Since they are highly concentrated with THC, they are ideal for those with higher tolerances, and even they have to control their dosages. 

If you are new to cannabis, you want to inform yourself as much as possible since information is power. You’d definitely want to educate yourself about products such as weed diamonds. 

AskGrowers provides such a platform to teach you all about weed. There, you will learn about the various weed strains, how they taste and react, and the various forms you can use cannabis. If you are looking for tips from canna experts and enthusiasts, this platform is for you. 

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