What are the benefits of having Marijuana?

Cannabis or Marijuana has been used for several medical treatments as it has pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory features. San Francisco Marijuana Dispensary is used to treat insomnia, sleeping disorders, stimulation of the digestive enzyme, and lots more.  2one2 dispensaries offer various strains of Marijuana for treating health issues. The following article discusses various benefits offered by Marijuana in terms of health. 

Improves lung capability

When cannabis is used for smoking, it will not affect your lungs. They will help more, to make your lungs function in a better way, whereas normal cigarettes are very much dangerous to the lungs.

Relief from severe pains

The cannabinoids are one of the chemical compounds, in cannabis, which helps in relieving from severe pains as they combine with other compounds of cannabis. 

Weight loss

Cannabis helps people to lose weight and look to have a lean structure. Because consumption of cannabis makes the proper flow of insulin, thereby it will make you restrict from eating high calories.

Aids in preventing diabetes

As per the research made by American Alliance for Medical Cannabis (AAMC), it was found that the consumption of cannabis, helps to alleviate blood sugar, the sugar level in the blood is lowered, and enhances the circulation of blood. This is because it helps in regulating the insulin levels in the blood.

Prevents cancer

Various researches have proved that the presence of cannabinoids in Marijuana helps in treating cancer and eliminates the risks associated with cancer.

Eliminates depressed mind

Nowadays, with a busy life schedule, everyone is facing depression. Some people may get depressed for no reason—the endocannabinoid compounds in cannabis help in lifting the mood, thereby giving you a stress-free feeling.

Autism control

You could see, some children will be suffering from autism, and their mood swings will be very wild and uncontrollable—the compounds in cannabis help in calming down the mind and make them relaxed.

Normalize mind disturbance

A research was conducted by making the people consume, cannabis, who are suffering from sudden mind disturbances. The research showed positive results, as there is a control of mind, for people who underwent the treatment.

Strengthens bones

The presence of cannabidiol in the cannabis helps in strengthening the bones and heals any injuries or fractures in the bones, very quickly. This was proved by Bone Research Laboratory in Tel Aviv. 

Aids with ADHD/ADD

Generally, people suffering from ADHD/ADD will have less cognitive power, and they will find it difficult to concentrate on any tasks. On consuming cannabis, they can feel the difference that they can focus more, along with improved creative thinking.

Glaucoma treatment 

People suffering from glaucoma will have severe pain in their eyes, due to pressure in the eyeballs. The consumption of cannabis helps to reduce the pain to some extent, temporarily. 

Relieves from fretfulness 

When cannabis is taken in prescribed dosages, people with anxiety feelings will be able to relieve stress and have a relaxed life fashion.

Controls Alzheimer 

Alzheimer’s disease is caused by inflammation in the brain, leading to decreased cognitive performance, mostly in aged people. By consuming cannabis, the inflammation can be slowed down and controlled to some extent. 

Cures arthritis

The THC and CBD content in cannabis helps cure the pain caused by arthritis disease. They come in the forms of creams and balms. 

Relieves from Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

Some people will not be able to recover from terrifying events or scenes. Such people may suffer from PTSD. The compounds in cannabis help in giving relief from this stressful feeling.

Multiple Sclerosis treatment 

The pain die to multiple muscle contractions can be severe, and upon consumption of cannabis, this pain can be relieved.

Eliminates the side effects caused by Hepatitis C treatment

The compounds in cannabis help in treating the side effects caused by treating Hepatitis C. This treatment might result in muscle aches, fatigue, depression, and nausea, and they last for months. Consuming cannabis helps to alleviate all these problems. 

Cures swelling bowel disease 

The cannabidiol and THC components in cannabis help to make proper functioning of the gut and prevent bacterial growth which causes the swelling in the intestines. The cannabis has offered a cure for people suffering from Crohn’s disease or ulcerative colitis.

Cures tremors

Patients who are suffering from Parkinson’s disease will be having severe pain and sleeping disorders. The cannabis helps in reducing the pain caused by tremors and aids in a good sleeping pattern.

Safe alcohol

Cannabis is a healthier way of alcohol than traditional alcohol. Even though cannabis is not 100% risk-free, they can be taken as the substitute for alcohol, as they do not possess negative qualities as that of cannabis. They will not cause any lung disease or heart disease upon consumption. 

Thus this article has given a deep insight into the various health benefits of consumption of cannabis onthe prescribed dosage.

Written by George K.

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