What Certifications a Heating and Cooling Heat Pump Supplier Must Have

According to a report, around 180 million heat pumps were employed specifically for heating in 2020, and the global stock increased around 10% per year over the past 5 years. Take a glance at these statistics, and it is easy to paint a pretty clear picture of the ever-increasing heating and cooling heat pump demands in the global market, including Europe, North America, Northern Asia, etc. 

The continuous need for heating and cooling heat pumps will compel more heat pump suppliers to own this profitable business and showcase their strengths by obtaining more certifications. In order to help you make a wise buying decision, this article will guide you to clarify some certifications that a heating and cooling heat pump supplier must have. 

5 Certifications Heating and Cooling Heat Pump Supplier Must Have

Here are the top 5 most important certifications that the heating and cooling heat pump supplier is supposed to have: 

  1. ErP Certification

ErP is short for Energy-related Products, regarding which the European Union has regulated a new ErP Directive that aims to improve the efficiency rate and overall performance output of heating and cooling heat pumps. In addition, it means that all heating and cooling heat pumps being used by the consumers in Europe need to have this ErP certification for proper usage permission.

With such enforced regulations, the ErP authorities indirectly make the heating and cooling heat pump consumers aware of their currently used energy efficiency levels and also conscious of how much carbon emissions they can reduce by using heating and cooling heat pumps. 

It is worth mentioning that NEWNTIDE, a reliable heat pump supplier, is not only dedicated to offering innovative heat pumps to users but also to obtaining ErP certification with the highest energy efficiency of A+++ heating and cooling heat pumps. By acquiring this authoritative certification, you rest assured that their heat pumps can save energy and money by following the government’s policy. 

  1. Keymark Certification 

Although Keymark is a voluntary European certification of quality marks, it is popular as the key to the European market. Having possession of this certificate means the heat pump supplier has products that perfectly meet the demands of the European Standard. 

The procedure to gain this well-recognized certificate involves three crucial steps. First is the initial conformity test, in which the heating and cooling heat pumps are investigated to check the quality standards comply with the set specifications by the European authorities. Second is the document verification process of the applied production factory for every production line they own together. And at last, the factory gets inspected for a complete and thorough assessment. 

What Certifications a Heating and Cooling Heat Pump Supplier Must Have
  1. C-Tick Certification

Now let’s turn toward the Australian consumers because C-Tick is a fundamental trademark of identification given by the Australian Communications Media Authority (ACMA). C-Tick certification indicates that the marked power appliance complies with the electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) regulations.  

In addition, if your heat pump supplier doesn’t seem to have a C-Tick mark on the presented equipment, then go straight to another supplier because it is strictly illegal to sell products that don’t have a certified C-Tick pattern on their equipment surface.

  1. SASO Certification

SASO is a certification particularly recognized in the Saudi Arabian region. The SASO certification signifies that the registered products have successfully passed all the quality assessments and inspection requirements and are compliant with all the quality and safety ordinances assigned by the Saudi Standards, Metrology, and Quality Organization (SASO). 

  1. UKCA Certification 

It is a new addition to the European product marking family, and the acronym stands for UK Conformity Assessed. With this quality assessment system, heat pump suppliers and manufacturers are given access to display their heating and cooling heat pump products in the Great Britain market. 

Thus, if your heat pump supplier is UKCA certified, then their heating and cooling heat pumps have been tested to meet the renowned standard of European health, safety, and environmental protection standards.

NEWNTIDE: A Capable Heating and Cooling Heat Pump Supplier 

After going through all the top 5 certifications important for any heating and cooling heat pump business, you are now aware of what to look for in a heat pump supplier. By the way, you can trust the one who has been crowned with all the significant certifications that will verify its mastery in the field by various supreme authorities. And it’s none other than NEWNTIDE.

What Certifications a Heating and Cooling Heat Pump Supplier Must Have

One of the significant reasons behind this strong recommendation is the ultimate fact that NEWNTIDE has attained certifications that are recognized across the globe. Apart from ErP, Keymark, C-Tick, SASO, and UKCA, they also proudly own many other internationally acknowledged certifications like CB, ETL, AHRI, SAA, and such. 

And the best part is that they not only spend time collecting multiple certificates but also work hard to showcase their innovative capabilities through outstanding quality products such as heating and cooling heat pumps. To satisfy their customers, their R&D team consistently develops new products integrating leading-edge technology with modified features to meet the consumer demands with utmost proficiency. 

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