Why Pharma Packaging Machine Becomes Essential in Packing Antigen Test Kit?

Antigen test kits are widely applied in medicine and biology because they can be used to diagnose various diseases and monitor the health condition of people. Presently, the demand for antigen test kits is enormous, and the future market for antigen test kits will be booming. According to Reportlinker, the global market for COVID-19 antigen test kits is expected to reach USD 743.07 million by 2027.

However, the effectiveness of antigen test kits can not exist without properly packaging since they are sensitive and easily get affected. Hence, some advanced methods to pack the antigen test kit are essential, which is why the Pharma packaging machine came into the market.

In order to help you form a comprehensive understanding of the Pharma packaging machine, this article will guide you to master the importance of antigen test kits and how the Pharma packaging machine plays a vital role in packing antigen test kits. Scroll down to get something more. 

Why have Antigen Test Kits Become Popular?

Antigen tests can be used to check for the presence of specific pathogens, including influenza viruses and respiratory syncytial viruses, which indicate whether people may have been exposed to coronavirus. Except for that, the following are significant merits that the antigen test kit brings under the COVID-19 pandemic.

  1. Quick and Easy Test

Antigen test kits are quick and easy to perform, making them ideal for use on-site. Due to the fast test and results the antigen test kit provides, users will not have to wait for long hours. Only by scanning the QR code on the packaging surface do antigen test kits realize rapid results acquisition. 

  1. Everyone Can Do It by Themselves

Users don’t need any special equipment or expertise to get started using an antigen test kit. Instead, the antigen test kit has instructions that guide users through each step, including how to collect the sample and how long it should take before results can be seen on the test strip. All users have to do is follow these instructions carefully, and they will be able to get accurate results every time!

Why Pharma Packaging Machine Becomes Essential in Packing Antigen Test Kit?
  1. Lower Cost than Other Methods

One thing many people love about antigen test kits is their lower cost compared with other types of testing available out there today, which is essential for the population who want to save costs by doing tests themselves instead of going through hospitals.

How Pharma Packaging Machine Helps Enterprise Pack Antigen Test Kits

Pharma packaging machine has become indispensable for enterprises to pack antigen test kits. In fact, it can be said that numerous packaging enterprises are now taking advantage of this automatic packing machine. Thus, the following are some advantages of using a Pharma packaging machine in packing antigen test kits:

  1.   Rapid Packaging Speed to Ensure High Efficiency

Packing antigen test kits is a crucial task for pharma enterprises. The time taken to pack antigen test kits varies from one enterprise to another, but it should be noted that the longer the time taken, the more loss will occur, and the cost will increase. Therefore, pharma packing machines are equipped with high-speed and high-precision technology to ensure fast and accurate packaging of antigen test kits. In this way, the high-efficiency guarantee that the antigen test kit is packaged in a timely manner and that you can meet customers’ demands.

  1.   Decrease the Cost by Optimizing Machine Space

The pharmaceutical packaging machine helps enterprises optimize their production space, which can lead to a decrease in costs due to fewer inventories as well as higher profits due to lower overhead costs. It is an important factor for enterprises that are not large enough to have a large inventory room or storage area for their products but still want to be able to provide high-quality products and services at an affordable price point.

  1.   Improve Brand Reputation by Qualified Packaging

Enterprises need to have a good brand image and reputation for customers in order to gain more market share and develop better business channels. To meet this demand, pharma packaging machines can be used to create high-quality packages with good quality assurance results at a low cost! In addition, the automatic packing machine rest assures every component in the kit, reducing the possibility that some parts are missing.

  1.   Satisfy Different Enterprises

The machine can meet different enterprises’ needs for different types of packaging. For example, it can pack antigen test kits of different shapes and sizes, which means it will work for any enterprise with specific packaging requirements. Besides, it can be customized according to the specifications of each enterprise to enhance brand awareness.

New Arrivals: Two Pharma Packaging Machines You Should Know

Since you have clarified the indispensable needs of Pharma packaging machines and their functions in packaging antigen test kits, it’s time to reach a reliable automatic machine provider.

Pharmapack, a trustworthy packaging solution provider, has launched two new pharma packaging machines, LFC-06D and LFC-08CD, which can help enterprises to pack antigen test kits efficiently without compromising on quality or safety standards.

  1.  LFC-06D

The LFC-06D is a high-performance packing machine designed to efficiently pack antigen test kits. The following are some distinctive sell points that you can’t ignore:

  • The machine has a maximum speed of 3600 packs per minute, which makes it ideal for packing antigen test kits at high speed. 
  • This automatic packing machine has an ergonomic design with an aluminum structure, making it easy to use and maintain.
  • With its innovative bag opening and pushing station, it can open the bag automatically and then push the bag in one motion. 
  • The EtherCAT bus protocol for anti-interference ensures that the entire workflow is smooth and seamless.
  • The module design provides easy access to all parts required for the proper operation of the machine, making it easier than ever to operate this high-quality pharmaceutical packaging equipment!
  • Also uses the Elisa coating buffer
Why Pharma Packaging Machine Becomes Essential in Packing Antigen Test Kit?
  1.   LFC-08CD

Another superior machine that Pharmapack launches is LFC-08CD, a high-speed, four-lane conveyor diagnostic cassette packaging machine with the following pros:

  • It can handle up to 5000 packs per hour. 
  • With this high-speed packaging machine, you’ll be able to pack antigen test kits faster and more efficiently than ever before.
  • The dual diagnostic bar placing station provides an accurate and quick method for placing all diagnostic bars without requiring manual intervention or human interaction with the packaging machine.
  • The aluminum structure ensures this machine is stable enough to work under any conditions. 


Pharmapack is a well-known packaging machine manufacturer and has provided its customers with the best possible solutions for their packaging needs for over 20 years. With strong R&D capability and advanced production equipment, they always provide high-quality products that meet your needs. For more questions, please get in touch with Pharmapack immediately. 

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