What Is a Self Care Coach?

Before we dive into this emerging niche of self-care coaching, let’s define what a coach is in general. According to Oxford, a life coach is someone who counsels and encourages clients in their personal and professional lives. Unlike a therapist, a coach does not dive into their client’s past and, instead, is very future-focused. 

A self-care coach is highly focused on helping their clients create sustainable and transformational physical, emotional, and spiritual self-care habits. These practices could include:

  • Establishing a workout schedule
  • Creating a daily meditation practice
  • Learning how to say No
  • Prioritizing healthy nutrition
  • Encouraging the use of healthy boundaries
  • Examining the relationship between work and life

For more examples and inspiration, check out the work self-care coach and author Carley Schweet is doing in the world of self-care. 

Are Credentials Required to Become a Self-Care Coach?

There are currently no requirements to become a self-care coach. Regardless of the lack of certification requirements, many highly-specialized coaches receive a certificate or degree from a life and/or health coaching organization before shifting to their unique focus.

These organizations include The Institute for Integrative Nutrition, iPEC, The Life Coach School, and more. 

If you feel credentials would help validate your authority, know that you will gain valuable insight and techniques through a coaching program, but it isn’t necessary.

What Are the Benefits of Hiring a Self-Care Coach?

If you’re feeling excited about the potential that hiring a self-care coach holds – you should be! The benefits of hiring a self-care coach include an increased sense of clarity around your goals, improved self-confidence, and greater feelings of overall happiness.

A self-care coach will be your guide to unlocking what’s holding you back in life and encouraging you to get back in touch with who you are and what you desire most.

Over time, you could see shifts in your daily behaviors and thought patterns, and find yourself more in touch with your needs for joy.

What to Look for Before Hiring a Self-Care Coach

Before you take the leap and hire a self-care coach, consider what your personal goals are. 

What do you hope to achieve? 

How could a self-care coach help you reach those goals?

How much are you willing to invest in private coaching?

Most importantly, get honest with yourself and determine if you are genuinely committed to creating life-altering shifts and changes within your life. Working with a self-care coach has the power to significantly enhance your overall health and wellbeing, as long as you are dedicated to doing the work.

From there, do your research! While self-care is a unique focus, the practice and what it stands for can vary from coach to coach. Many coaches offer complimentary discovery calls to ensure you would be a suitable fit for each other. Schedule two or three and take note of which coach sounds most ideal for your unique needs.

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