What to Expect on NCLEX Test Day

The NCLEX is an examination taken by nurses in America since 1982 and in Canada since 2015, that gives an individual that has graduated from the school of nursing permission to practice their vocation. It is granted by the state in which they met the requirements. You’ll need a good NCLEX tutor and lots of dedication to pass this test. NCLEX tests are computer adaptive and are administered at Pearson Professional Centers. Here is what someone should expect on the day they are to take the test:

1. It is important to know where your testing site is and how long the journey there takes from where you will be staying. It is usually recommended to drive to the test center a day before you are due to take the exam and acclimatize yourself with the place so that it is easier to find the building and room where you will be sitting for the test. This will also help you to estimate the time it will take and how bad the traffic is.

You should also find out whether you will need to pay for parking or any other expenses. This is because you do not want unexpected occurrences adding to the stress and nerves you already have because of the test. Besides, if you are even a couple of minutes late you will likely be refused to take the test, meaning that you would have to pay again for another one.

2. On the day of the exam, get to the test center about 30 minutes in advance and allow yourself to calm down and relax before the exam. Here is what you will be expected to have ready before the test:

  • A valid government issued ID. The name on the ID should match the one used to register for the exam. A valid ID is one that is signed and not expired. Check the website to know which forms of ID are allowed but generally if you have a driver’s license or passport you are good to go.
  • Note: Previously you would have been required to carry your Authorization to Test form with you but that is no longer the case.
  • Biometrics (picture and finger or palm print scan) of you will be taken before you take the test.

3. All personal items will be stored in a locker outside the exam room. Mobile phones, bags, jackets, and even watches are not allowed into the room where the test is to be taken. Only pens and blank paper are allowed into the room. There will be a break and you can access your bag and get the snack that you prepared for the day, but you will not be allowed to check any reading material. Leave all your valuables at home because what good is it taking a test while worrying if your precious items are safe at the same time?

4. The exam is 6 hours long and you will be given a break to get a snack. The first break is 2 hours into the exam and the second break is 3 and a half hours in. Breaks are optional and one must leave the exam room during the breaks. A palm scan will be taken before and after the break.

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