What to Look for When Buying a Blender?

What to Look for When Buying a Blender

Many appliances in the kitchen make our lives easier, and the blender is one of those things. Often, people consider blenders as a basic necessity and buy the first one they see. Still, they are oblivious that blenders come with a lot of features and powerful applications and need to be carefully analyzed to make the right decision. 

In this article, we will be exploring all the features one needs to look for when buying a blender so that you can make an informed decision best suited for you. You can think of this article as a blender buying guide filled with relevant information and important tips. 

What to Look for When Buying a Blender?

Shopping for daily use accessories is hard enough, but purchasing kitchen appliances such as blenders complementing your skill and taste is way harder. It needs to be considered as it is a capital-intensive venture. From budget to appliance specifications, one has to weigh the pros and cons before deciding carefully. Here are some of the key things to remember before buying a blender. 

The Blade

One of the key things to consider before purchasing any blender is one of the most important parts of it; the blade. This is because the type of blade used in a blender directly correlates with its performance. It is essential to have a diamond-cut blade, stainless steel blades that are easy to use, have high-performance characteristics, and are easy to clean. 

Material of The Blender Jar

The material of the blender and the jar is vital as it plays a massive role in the aesthetics and the strength and durability of the appliance. Even though the material has no direct relation to performance, several options are available in the market, the majority being plastic or glass blender jars.

Expert users have almost always recommended polycarbonate glass jars and are preferred over plastic blender jars as it reduces any risk of consumption of harmful chemicals. Glass blender jars are BPA-free and free from toxins that can pose any threat to the consumer. Polycarbonate materials are more versatile than normal glass and provide much more safety, and they won’t break that easily.

Motor Speed of the Blender

What to Look for When Buying a Blender?

The blender motor’s operational speed is crucial to its performance, and depending on it, many varieties of blenders exist that determine its usage and relevance in professional and home environments. It is advantageous to have blenders with a wider range of speed that the user can change. Users can mix up the blending styles required for creating special mixtures from very low speed to very high speed.

For example, to get an even blend, it is necessary to mix it thoroughly, so high speed is preferred. In contrast, low speed is preferred when one needs to add ingredients, especially at the end, where you don’t want the added ingredients to be liquidized into the mix. 

Capacity of The Jar

Make sure to check the jar’s capacity of the blender while buying, especially one for professional environments. Different options are available in the market that provides a wide range of capacity, from .2 L to 2 L. High capacity jars are mostly always preferred more than low capacity jars for their ability to mix more items at a single go and give you a uniform mix while dealing with large quantities. It is especially preferred for large families to make smoothies, juices, etc. 

Noise Created by The Blenders

The blade of the blender and hence the motor inside it is required to rotate at an insanely fast speed to mix stuff. But, this often comes at a price, namely, the noise created by the blender. We cannot expect the blender to be quiet while rotating at high speeds, but we are more likely to select the quieter available options. 

Most high-performance blenders often come with noise dampening along with it due to the usage of high-quality materials. It is recommended to go with manufacturers who have a history of promoting low noise appliances to be safe. 

Your Budget

This is one of the most overlooked points in any purchasing decision and the one with the most relevance. What you are going to buy depends on what you can afford. Blenders come at different designs and prices, even from 20$ to 1000$. The functionalities of each might be different, and the quality of the appliance will vary too according to the cost. But, it doesn’t make any sense to buy a high-cost blender if you don’t have enough resources to use it properly. 

The cost of a blender is dependent on the power it consumes, the quality of material, the brand value, the durability, and its functionalities. If your only aim is to create smoothies once in a while, you don’t need to buy a sophisticated blender for that. But, on the other hand, if you want versatility, you can allot a higher budget and choose accordingly.

Final Words

This article has explored some of the main things to consider when buying a blender. Buying a blender is an important decision as it is a daily use device in most households and can be used for a long time if treated right.

It is important to check the motor specs, the shape of the blade, the material used, and much more, as mentioned above while buying a blender. In addition to that, make sure to buy a blender with a more extended warranty period to ensure maximum cost efficiency of the appliance and guarantee you peace of mind.

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