What Types of Marketing Videos Should You Make?

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Online marketing is constantly evolving with the consumer in control. UseViral is a great tool for enhancing social media. You can read UseViral review for more useful info. That presents lots of exciting opportunities but it also means that you have to keep evolving your strategy. Although, posting videos for free is a powerful way to connect to consumers and to show them who you are. You’re essentially giving them an insight into how your product or service can change their world. What better way to do that than through social media where you can generate followers and create communities? Moreover, you can easily make videos for social media with an online video editor. In fact, most of them allow you to download directly into your channels so making video creation fast and effective.

Different Types of Marketing Formats to Make with your Online Video Editor 

When you make a video with a video maker, there are many different formats that you can choose from although most of them fall into one of the following categories:

  • Educational
  • Product
  • Company
  • Customer


You’ve probably already noticed various explainer and tutorial video clips online. Essentially, these tend to be either explaining how your product works or teaching people how to actually use it. The way to create videos like these is to take your photos and download them directly into your templates. You would then apply your video editing tools to finalize the colors and add any features.


Whilst this is similar to the educational videos, you can still use your video maker tool to zoom in on some product features, for example. Another approach is to edit videos from any product launches you might have recently had. Those videos can be lively and a fun way to make people feel part of the community.

What Types of Marketing Videos Should You Make?

Company Spotlight

A brand is much more than just a business. It’s a group of people who have shared values. The more you can show the human side of your brand, the more people will stop and listen. After all, we connect with people rather than with companies. You can therefore use your online video editor or video marketing company to customize your company events images, for example.

Another powerful approach is to share your brand’s story and how you and the team were inspired. You can then include audio into your video clips to set the mood and create that emotional link to your viewers.

Customer Testimonials

Editing customer testimonials is a great way to build trust and credibility. After all, happy customers are happy for a reason. Then, your online video editor comes in handy to get the right colors, contrasts, and features to create that perfect feel-good video.

How To Be Effective with Your Online Video Editor 

Now that you have an idea of what type of video you want to create with your video maker, let’s review how to actually get started, as detailed below:

  • Plan your approach
  • Customize your video template
  • Distribute your online video

Plan your Approach

The more you plan what you’re going to do with your video editor then the more likely you’ll achieve your goals. The first step is therefore to think about who you’re targeting and what type of content is going to appeal to them. From there, it’s a question of getting the right templates and customizing accordingly with your video editor.

Customize Your Video Template

A video editor is very easy to use. Depending on the software tool you choose, you’ll have a range of options starting at the basic end of the scale and all the way to advanced. Most basic video editing options include cropping and trimming. You’ll also be able to download music from the library of audio files to further enhance your online video. Finally, you can add fun features although don’t go overboard such that your key message gets lost.

Distribute Your Video 

Clearly, you also need to think about your distribution strategy. Social media channels are the obvious place to start. Nevertheless, take note that each channel has different size and format requirements. Although, most video editor tools will do that automatically for you especially if you download your video directly to your preferred social media page.

Although, don’t forget to include some of your video clips on your website and of course, in your email distribution. You already have a captive audience so it’s worth remembering them too. They might even help share your videos which would further boost your online traffic.

What Types of Marketing Videos Should You Make?

Final Thoughts on Maximizing your Online Video Editor 

When developing a marketing strategy, you’ll want to start with working out what you want to achieve and who you want to target. From there, it’s easy to think of some themes and what type of video is going to work best. Although, you can also mix it up and create a series of videos with your online video editor and the various video types. It’s a great way to keep things fresh and interesting so keeping your engagement levels up.

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