What You Should Know About Electric Scooters And How You Can Use Them Outdoors

Electric scooters are becoming an increasingly popular mode of transportation in many countries as they provide several advantages over the traditional alternatives. They are not only fun to ride, but also a lot cheaper, energy-efficient, and an eco-friendly form of urban transport. So if you are one of those planning to buy an electric scooter, this guide will aim to provide you with all the necessary information and safety tips you need to have a pleasant experience buying and getting your way around on an electric scooter. 


Owing to their ease of use and portability, electric scooters have soared in popularity especially in the US and many European cities. However, depending on where you live, you should be aware of your local laws regarding electric scooters. For someone from the UK, it is important to know that owning or riding an electric scooter on the streets could land you in legal trouble as it is illegal to own one. Similarly in Los Angeles, it is prohibited to ride your scooter on a sidewalk.


Electric scooters weigh anywhere from 25-60 pounds. It is important to consider the weight of your electric scooter especially if you are to carry it around from one place to another. Lightweight materials like aluminum and carbon fiber serve best in this scenario, however, for heavy-duty use, you may want to avoid them as they provide little resistance to corrosion and may wear and tear easily.


If you plan to use your electric scooter to travel long distances then it is imperative to pay special attention to the battery. You would want a scooter that can travel more on a single charge. If that is the case, then we highly suggest you make a smart investment and look into a long-range electric scooter.

Wheel Size

Wheel size is another factor you should look into. If you are to commute long distances, you would want to opt for heavy-duty wheels which are around 10 inches to give you a smooth riding experience instead of smaller wheels that give a rough ride.

Suspension or No Suspension 

Another aspect worth paying attention to is whether you want a scooter with suspension or not. Again, this would largely depend upon where you will be mostly riding your scooter. Suspension basically refers to shock absorbers, similar to those in a bicycle, which significantly improve the ride quality on rough and uneven terrains. If your daily route has a lot of bumps, then a scooter with suspension is definitely the way to go.


While most scooters have a top speed of 80-90 km/h, you probably do not have the liberty to ride around at top speed as most countries have a speed limit of 25km/h. Therefore, if your local laws do not permit riding at a high speed, then this should be one of the last factors you should take into account while buying a scooter.


Electric scooters come in different price ranges, with the most simple ones with basic features available starting from $200 for beginners, and those with powerful motors, large battery capacity, and an extra set of features costing up to $2000. Some budget-friendly and high-end electric scooters can be found here. Ultimately, the price you pay for your scooter will largely depend upon what you intend to use it for.


Just as with any mode of transportation, there are some safety protocols to be followed at all costs to keep yourself and others around you safe and prevent any accidents. Many of the accidents and casualties that occur involving electric scooters can be prevented just by following a few simple safety tips. First and foremost, you must invest in a good helmet to protect yourself from any head or brain injuries. Reports have revealed that head injuries made up almost half of all the electric scooter-related injuries. In addition, it would also be a wise idea to wear a mouthguard to prevent yourself from any facial injuries.

It is also important to keep a check on your surroundings while riding an electric scooter. Remember, even when you have taken all safety precautions, some mishaps simply cannot be averted if someone else is at fault. You are at a higher risk while riding an electric scooter as compared to someone traveling in a car or a bus. Therefore, it is vital to focus your attention at all times not only on the oncoming traffic but also on your surroundings by looking out for pedestrians and other barriers. In addition, keep a close eye on any speed bumps, puddles, or potholes you may encounter on your way.

Lastly, speeding on an electric scooter should be avoided at all costs. This will not only endanger your life, but you are also likely to be stopped and fined or even have your scooter confiscated if caught riding recklessly or dangerously weaving through traffic.

What You Should Know About Electric Scooters And How You Can Use Them Outdoors

Electric scooters are believed to be revolutionizing the way we travel in urban cities as they can not only help in addressing traffic congestion issues, but also environmental pollution by diminishing the impact of greenhouse gas emissions from vehicles. Owing to their convenience and ease of use, they are a great alternative to get rid of the hassles that come along with traditional modes of commuting. Keeping the aforementioned factors in mind will ensure that you buy the electric scooter that best fits your needs and that you have a pleasurable riding experience.

Written by George K.

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