Why Is Studying Liberal Arts Important in the 21st Century?

Studying Liberal Arts

Education is more diverse now than it has ever been in the past. Not only do we have a wealth of subjects for everyone, but there are numerous ways to go about education in modern times. From the ancient Greeks sitting their students down and teaching them about life to teachers conducting classes over Zoom, the face of education has changed. We may often see post-modernity in a negative aspect. Still, there are so many positives which it has given us. Students are now free to pick their career paths based on their education preferences. With hundreds of subjects to choose from, students are a lot more ambitious, open-minded, and motivated to learn about new things.

Among such subjects, liberal art allows students to discover their innate abilities and dive deeper into the mundane world. Students of liberal arts are exposed to diverse topics, ranging from theatre to literature, philosophy, and even psychology. This field is as broad as it is in-depth. Therefore, if you have a passion for abstract, deep thinking, studying liberal arts might be for you.

Here are some reasons which might make the decision easier. Read on further to find out why you should study liberal arts in the 21st century.

Increased general knowledge

One thing is for sure. A liberal arts degree is going to teach you more about the world than you ever realized. Not only are you going to learn more about history, but literature, sociology, and anthropology all play a role in increasing your general awareness.

Now, given the plethora of online options available at our disposal, we can conveniently gain academic excellence in liberal arts. For instance, an online liberal studies degree will teach you many different things in the most holistic way. You won’t even realize it, and you will walk away with a wealth of information. People generally look past how necessary general knowledge is. Not only does it help piece thoughts together, but it’s always good to be a jack of all trades when it comes to learning.

Provides various career paths

As we mentioned earlier, a liberal arts degree provides you with many subjects that might pique your interest. With so many courses to choose from during your degree, it may sometimes be hard to narrow one down. A liberal arts degree is excellent for students who don’t have it figured out yet. They may be teetering between subjects and don’t know which ones to choose.

A liberal studies degree exposes them to various subjects they might be interested in at the undergrad level. Ultimately, it allows them to explore several lucrative career paths with this degree in their academic profile.

Gives you employable skills

When it comes to finding a job after graduation, selling yourself is as important as selling your CV. You need to show the company that you can give them what they seek. A degree in liberal arts instills various skills and competencies in you.

Critical thinking, abstract conceptualization, and analysis are just some skills that liberal art teaches you. It also teaches you to think profoundly and decipher comprehensive ideas. It gives the employee the ability to think outside the box and set themselves apart from the workforce. These are all soft skills that can propel your career in various fields.

Employers are always looking for different people that stand out. These people could potentially act as leaders for the rest of the workforce and set a positive image in the office environment.

Instills appreciation of history and arts

During your liberal arts degree, there is a strong chance that you will come across history, art, theatre, etc. With a liberal studies degree, you may begin to appreciate some of these topics a lot more. Especially in modern times, teachers take a unique approach to encouraging students to find their interests.

The hardened positivist may begin to appreciate the subject value of psychology through a liberal arts degree. The subject gives you a chance to see more and enjoy things you had previously taken for granted. With an open mind, a dedicated teacher, and a diverse range of courses to choose from, you may find your passion in liberal arts.

Post-pandemic life has given people a newfound appreciation for things they never considered before.  Understanding arts and history offer you a chance to closely study human development through the ages and understand the zeitgeist of various eras. Studying these subjects boosts your understanding of the human mind and societies. It is something that can help you in personal and professional development.


Now that we have talked about why studying liberal arts is essential, have you developed a new understanding of what the discipline entails? From employable skills to following your passion, we have talked about factors that make liberal arts one of the most sought-after degrees in the 21st century.

We need to start respecting people and their choice for a specific career path. Liberal arts has traditionally been seen as somewhat of a deviant subject from the typical. Though that may be true, it’s essential to realize the wealth of information that the discipline holds.

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