5 Business Ideas To Start During A Pandemic

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Did the novel coronavirus also destroy your plans of becoming an entrepreneur? Well, it’s never too late to put your thinking hat and start planning again!

Though vaccinations are in full swing, we’re still not out of this pandemic just yet. Several people are still trying to adjust to the new normal. However, you can use this as an opportunity to rekindle your entrepreneurial passion and start a business.

But before you begin, ensure you have the skills and expertise. Starting any business requires the correct knowledge to develop a business plan and implement it in real life. Without a proper plan, you might end up wasting your resources in such volatile conditions. If you’ve just graduated from college, it’s best first to get some hands-on experience in the corporate world. This way, you can familiarize yourself with some business concepts that will help you out later on.

But if you’re already a professional working a full-time job, consider enrolling in a postgrad degree to hone your managerial skills to improve operational and financial efficiency. You can opt for a low entry-barrier distance learning course on the internet, such as an AACSB online MBA no GMAT required program. These courses focus on equipping budding entrepreneurs, such as yourself, with advanced management and economic know-how to help them nourish their brainchild into a booming business. And with that said, here are some business ideas that are fit for starting during a pandemic.

Start a delivery service

Of course, everyone wants to stay safe. So naturally, the desire to stay indoors has increased the demand for on-demand door-to-door services. Not to mention, several brick-and-mortar businesses have also gone online, drastically increasing the need for transportation and delivery services.

Hence partnering with product sellers as a third-party delivery supplier is a neat business idea to take advantage of the rise in e-commerce. You don’t have to invest in an extensive fleet. Instead, use your current mode of transportation to keep things more straightforward and manageable. You’ll have to build a website and mobile app so that customers can connect with other businesses while you collect and deliver products.

Offer remote fitness and wellness coaching

The fitness industry took a drastic hit during the pandemic as gyms and fitness centers closed down across the globe. Furthermore, this also affected the physical and mental well-being of people. Nonetheless, many people turned to home fitness routines and online coaching to keep themselves active over the last few months.

If you’re a fitness enthusiast yourself, this is probably an excellent business opportunity for you to make it big as a fitness influencer. You can start your business right from your home by filming exercise videos and uploading them onto the internet. Start your own YouTube channel or provide online fitness coaching via social media. You can opt for simple home exercises or yoga instructions. Provide diet plans to ensure people eat healthily. If you create high-quality and informative content, you’ll become a fitness influencer in no time. This way, you can monetize your social media profiles to earn even more bucks.

Teach online

Distance learning is all the rage nowadays. The global online learning market is expected to reach US$ 350 billion by 2025 as a result of the adoption of flexible learning technologies in the corporate and educational sectors. So why not grab a share of this enormous pie?

Were you an A-grade student? Have you studied a subject, or do you possess skills that are currently in demand? If yes, then start teaching online. If you’re highly qualified, you can partner with an online educational institution and teach courses as part of undergrad and postgrad programs. Or you can upload lectures on platforms such as Udemy. You can also provide tuition to younger kids/students.

Start a cleaning service

As the number of Covid-19 cases worldwide continues to rise daily, so does the demand for cleaning and disinfecting services. As a result, several cleaning companies have seen an increase in cleaning and disinfection service requests, particularly in urban areas. As a result of the pandemic, house owners, apartment buildings, and office buildings need to clean and disinfect all commonly-used areas to keep the virus from spreading. Hence, starting a cleaning service is a win-win situation for both businesses and customers. You’ll have plenty of commercial and residential customers to cater to. And considering that people have become more conscious about their surroundings, chances are you’ll be in the business for the long haul.

Start a social media marketing service

Since businesses are going online, good social media management has become essential for customer relationships and community management. If you know how to create content, engage people online, and have decent management skills, consider selling SM marketing services to companies that want to boost their digital presence.

Reach out to companies with little to no social media presence and offer to manage their accounts and engage with their followers to increase sales. If you’re short on resources for content creation, outsource that part to freelancers on the internet until you can afford to pay for full-time employees. Also, there’s no shortage of free online tools that can help you track metrics, manage multiple accounts, and do a thorough competitor analysis to boost your service quality. The best part of this business idea is that you may not have to invest too much other than some creativity and good management skills to kick-start.


COVID-19, without a doubt, was a nightmare for people, destroying their lives and livelihoods. But, adversity opens up several opportunities as well. This article mentioned some business ideas for money in times of financial instability. These include social media services, online teaching, fitness coaching, disinfecting services, and delivery services. You can quickly start on some of these with little to no capital investment.

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