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Zirconia Tooth Crown Vs. Other Materials: Which is the Best Choice?

It has been a cliché that celebrities try their best to distinguish themselves by leading fashion trends, but it’s really surprising that they have once turned their sight on their teeth. Madonna, one of the greatest pop stars ever, wears gold tooth grill jewelry to cover that gap in her teeth.

If you also have this problem, there is no need to spend a fortune on the grill and, plus, that’s not a suitable accessory in everyday life. Instead, a zirconia tooth crown is a more practical solution. But what is the zirconia crown? Is zirconia crown better than crowns with other materials? In this post, you’re going to figure out which of them is the best choice.

Zirconia Tooth Crown Vs. Other Materials: Which is the Best Choice?

What is a Tooth Crown, And Who is the Eligible Candidate?

What is the zirconia crown anyway, or any crown for that matter? A tooth or dental crown is a cap placed on the damaged tooth. The main purpose of a tooth crown is to protect, cover, and restore the appearance or shape of teeth in situations when fillings are not effective. Damage to the tooth can occur due to various reasons ranging from tooth decay to injuries. In time, the teeth can lose their size and shape. Not only does this affect the appearance of the smile, but also the functionality of the jaw.

Good candidates for tooth crowns are persons with broken teeth, misshapen or discolored teeth, and weak teeth. Dental crowns are also suitable for persons who need to cover a dental implant, hold the bridge in place, or fix the tooth gap.

Common Dental Crown Materials

Several materials are used for dental crowns. Below, you can learn more about zirconia tooth crowns and other materials, as well as their advantages and disadvantages.

1.  All-resin

All-resin crown material is, essentially, a composite resin crown. It’s made from a combination of plastic-type materials whose color is similar to the natural teeth. These types of crowns are used as a temporary measure primarily.

  • Pros: This is the most affordable type of crown.
  • Cons: The all-resin crown will wear down, turn yellow and break easily over time.

2.  Metal

Several types of metals can be used to create dental crowns, including palladium, gold, chromium, and nickel.

  • Pros: The outstanding strength of metal makes these crowns less likely to break and more durable. Also, only a small amount of the natural tooth needs to be shaved if using metal as the crown.
  • Cons: The metal crown may cause allergy, so it is not commonly adopted. The metal taste of the crown is also unacceptable. What’s more, some metal may get oxidation and finally turn into black color! Its metallic color is slightly unsightly, and the gums may be colored by it. (That is why metal dental crowns are primarily suitable for molars that are out of sight)
Zirconia Tooth Crown Vs. Other Materials: Which is the Best Choice?

3.  Porcelain-fused-to-metal

Porcelain-fused-to-metal crowns contain an interior made of metal alloy and an exterior with porcelain. These crowns can match with the tooth color next to the crown itself.

  • Pros: Compared to the full-metal crown, it has a more natural color.
  • Cons: This crown is not as strong as metal crowns. Also, the metal under the cap may show through as a dark line. The most severe problems of dyed color and allergies are still not solved.

4. All-ceramic (Zirconia)

All-ceramic dental crowns are translucent and prove to be the most natural-looking material for tooth replacement. Zirconia tooth crown is particularly popular today. What makes the zirconia tooth crown so important is that it’s stronger than porcelain and some metal alloys. Additionally, the zirconia tooth crown causes less stress and damage on the opposing pieces than its counterparts. In other words, the zirconia tooth crown is the best choice of dental crown and provides more benefits to the patients.

  • Pros: Its strength is stronger than real teeth. The natural color of zirconia makes it easy to blend in with the other teeth, so it is an excellent choice for front teeth. With the zirconia crown, you don’t need to worry about allergy risk.

Benefits of Using Upcera’s ST Zirconia

Upcera’s ST Zirconia stands out as one of the most reliable options on the market. This super translucent zirconia with 43% transmittance has outstanding strength over 1200MPa. The biggest advantage of Upcera’s zirconia is versatility. This material is suitable for full-contour crown and bridge. As an innovative material, the ST zirconia can benefit any dental practice or laboratory.

Zirconia Tooth Crown Vs. Other Materials: Which is the Best Choice?


People need dental crowns for many reasons. Various materials are used to make these crowns, but not all materials are equally good: Zirconia tooth crown is the most acceptable choice for the majority. With the development of zirconium uses in dentistry, the zirconia tooth crown not only becomes strong and high-translucent, but also gains the most similar appearance to the natural teeth.

Upcera, as the most reputable provider of zirconia materials, keeps investing talented team, time, and money in developing these materials. The innovations that Upcera made have helped many dental practices improve their patients’ experience by restoring their teeth to achieve a natural look. 

If you believe getting crowns is the best option to improve your dental health, you can reach out to this dentist who does crowns, veneers, and high-quality dental implants in New York.

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