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Writing comic books is something that you could imagine plumbers, lawyers, or just about any sort of person doing. With that in mind, there are millions of writers who have made their dream into a reality by working on some amazing projects in the comic book industry. But, there are a few special ones you should know about, and we will talk about them today!

1. Scott Snyder

Scott Snyder is one of the most popular writers in the comic book industry. With his work ethic that has made him produce almost too much content, he’s been able to write for characters such as Batman, Swamp Thing, and Superman. He currently writes All-Star Batman alongside other authors, but will also be taking over writing duties on Detective Comics very soon. You can definitely pick up any book he writes because it’ll be great. With Scott Snyder’s work on Batman,  the character has been taken to a whole new level in comics. This is easily some of the best work in Batman history, and it’s absolutely worth reading if you are a fan of the character. Scott definitely has a very bright future in the comic book industry, and will continue to do great work for many years to come.

2. John Romita Jr.

John Romita Jr. is a legend in comics for his amazing work on The Amazing Spider-Man, Daredevil, and Uncanny X-Men. He has been involved with some of the most iconic people at Marvel Comics, including Stan Lee, David Michelinie, and Chris Claremont. John’s art style has defined many comic book characters over the years, along with Spider-Man being one of them. Spider-Man was definitely changed because of John Romita Jr.’s involvement as an artist, since he redefined how drawing superhero action scenes should be done. There will never be another person that could have done this better than him!  Not only is the artwork phenomenal, but it also has great writing behind it. This is a classic example of how to do a comic right, and should be a must-read for anyone who wants to enter the world of comics.

3. Steve Ditko

Steve Ditko is the artist who co-created Spider-Man with Stan Lee, and his amazing art style has defined Spider-Man over the years. Ditko’s art has always been so great because it focuses on showing how Spidey would move realistically, in a way that you wouldn’t expect from comics back then. However, Steve has done work for other characters as well, such as Doctor Strange, whom he redefined into what we know today. There are also rumors of him having worked on other superheroes, including Captain Atom, but no one knows whether this is true or just fan speculation. Regardless of whether Captain Atom was created by him or not, he still deserves to be recognized as one of the early artists who put a lot of work into these comics. Steve Ditko is definitely a name worth knowing for comic book enthusiasts, because his contribution to the industry shouldn’t be forgotten so easily.

4.Osamu Tezuka

Osamu Tezuka is a name that you will hear mentioned all over the world when it comes to anime and manga. He was able to adapt Japanese short stories into animated TV shows, and created some of the most famous characters in Japan such as Astro Boy, Kimba the White Lion, Black Jack, and many others. Not only did he pioneer both manga and anime during his time, but he has also been recognized by Walt Disney as well. Two of his works have been brought onto American television: Astro Boy and Kimba the White Lion, so you definitely want to check them out if you are interested. Osamu Tezuka’s work has defined an entire industry throughout Japan, and will continue to influence those who follow after him. His incredible work ethic and ability to adapt stories has made him a true legend of the industry, and his name should definitely be mentioned with other greats like Jack Kirby and Frank Miller.

5. Jean Giraud Moebius

Moebius is a French comic artist who helped define the science fiction genre as we know it today. He has worked on many well known franchises such as The Airtight Garage, Arzach, and Blueberry to name a few. However, he is probably best known for his work on The Incal with Alejandro Jodorowsky, which redefined science fiction comics as we know them now. This was definitely the greatest collaboration that two artists have ever done together in comics, and they definitely showed how amazing sci-fi can be when you put this much effort into it. Moebius’ art style may not be something everyone understands at first glance because of how different it looks from what western audiences are used to seeing. However, he definitely deserves the recognition because his work has inspired so many other artists out there, including J.J. Abrams, who has praised him as being one of the best science fiction artists ever created.

6. Stan Lee

Stan Lee is a name that everyone knows about when it comes to comics, even if you aren’t into them at all ! Stan’s writing defined superheroes for generations, and Spider-Man was definitely changed by his involvement because he redefined how drawing superhero action should be done. Characters such as Iron Man, The Fantastic Four and X-Men were made better thanks to his talents. Not only did he revolutionize the comic book industry in the 1960s, but he also changed what we know about movies today with his recent cameo appearances ! His writing has shaped our culture in more ways than we can imagine, and his name will definitely go down in history for that reason! Stan Lee is definitely a name that everyone should know about if they want to call themselves well-read.

7. Brian Bolland

Brian Bolland is an English Comics artist who has worked on such famous titles as Animal Man, Camelot 3000 and Judge Dread to name a few. What makes Bolland’s work so unique is that his art style was inspired by impressionist painters like Edgar Degas and Mary Cassatt! His artwork definitely stands out from the crowd, and you can see his love of color and shading shine through in every panel. His passion for comics is also clear with his lovely pinups and covers. He has received many awards over the years including the Eagle Award for Favorite Single or Continued Story (1990) which shows just how much people respect him as an artist. Brian Bolland is definitely someone who deserves more attention because of his unique style and great storytelling.

With the many comic writers out there, it’s hard to know where to start reading. However, these seven authors are some of the greatest writers in the industry today, and their work will continue to influence others for generations. You should definitely look up this list if you want to read more comics because they are definitely worth your time!

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