10 benefits of tape in hair extensions

Fine hair don’t care! Although some people may feel like fine hair is the result of bad hair practices, actually not everybody was blessed with a lion’s mane and it doesn’t have to be a negative thing. In fact you can still get hair extensions even if your hair is not very dense. So if you have been considering hair extensions but are not sure which one is best suited to your hair  type then get your notepad out as we’ve got all the suggestions for you.

1. Tape extensions

This is the number one choice for the ladies with fine hair and are specifically made to suit and adapts to thinner and more sparse textures.

Tape in hair extensions can give you the volume and length that you desire without having to worry about the weight of the hair or if it’s damaging to your natural strands. It works by using a gentle adhesive on the weft that does not put any pressure on your hair or pull it down.

Each weft is carefully placed to give you the maximum volume without looking bulky or bumpy and you can still wear your hair in any style possible. That means even if you want to do styles such as different partings on either side of your hair or have some of it in a bun for the rest the flowing loose you easily can without any fear of the bonds showing.

2. Clip ins

If you only want to have temporary hair extensions just for a special occasion, a night out or a romantic date, then clip ins are the way to go. It only takes a few minutes to install and you can purchase either synthetic or human hair depending on your budget and lifestyle.

This way you can dip in and out without having to make any commitments or worry about any damage being done to your hair as the clips are very gentle, lightweight and you can choose how often you wear them.

3. Wigs

If you’re looking for a complete transformation of a style or worried that your hair is too thin at all for hair extensions and a wig is the way to go. Forget about it looking completely fake or tacky as wigs have stepped up their game in recent years and you can now even get a lace front. These wigs give your natural hairline so if you want to you can go all out and have a different style but still look like it’s growing directly from your scalp.

4. Fusion

The strand by strand methods are great for women with low density hair as they add bulk and volume in the most natural way. Because the size of the bonds can be customised you can use smaller strands in areas that are more delicate and regular size strands around the perimeter to balance out the look.

As it can be worn for the longest amount of time you don’t have to worry about over manipulating your hair and can use it as a protective style as a way to grow out and thicken your hair.

All of the hair types mentioned above are available in our shop so what are you waiting for head over there now to make a purchase of your brand-new set of hair extensions and join the thick life.

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