10 Spring Must-Haves For Being Outdoors

Spring is just around the corner, and with its arrival that means it is now time to start thinking about how to get out and enjoy that warm sun, beautiful flowers, and crisp breeze, Here is a list of some essential items to get so you fully enjoy the outdoors this Spring!

  1. Portable grill

Taking your cooking outside is not only a good way to enjoy the weather and your friends, it is also a great way to stay covid friendly this spring. Enjoying a BBQ at a nearby park or your backyard is a great way to see your friends yet stay outside, be socially distant and safe.

  2. Picnic supplies

If you feel like eating outside, but don’t want to cook, why not have a picnic? Be sure to bring your basket, a blanket, a cooler, maybe a book, and then enjoy nature to its fullest. Maybe you could support your local business and let them pack your basket for you? 

  3. Sun protection

When spending your time outdoors this Spring, make sure you protect yourself from the sun’s harsh rays. Whether that is by buying a boys or girls’ sun hat, or by getting some shades and sunblock, make sure you have something to protect your skin. Nothing worse than getting sunburnt on the first day.

  4. Spring decorative masks

By now you have probably worn the same boring face mask over and over again. Why not spice things up and get with the fashion by picking out new colorful masks for Spring? Covid may not be over, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t look your best.

  5. Koozies

Whether you are taking a walk or just hanging out, there is nothing better than a cold drink on a warm spring day. Getting a couple of koozies for yourself and your friends is a great way to enjoy your drink the way that they were intended. 

  6. Lawn games

When the snow finally melts and the green grass re-appears, it’s time to break out the games. Cornhole (or Bags) is a favorite, but if that’s not your style, you could pick up a bocce ball, a ladder toss set, some horseshoes or even a couple of frisbees. They are all great ways to stay active while having fun.

  7. Beach canopy

If you find yourself lucky enough to live by a large body of water, this Spring is a great time to invest in a beach canopy. You can’t go wrong hanging outside in a canopy. It’s a great source of shade and a natural gathering point for your friends to relax and hang out.

  8. Rain Gear

10 Spring Must-Haves For Being Outdoors

Unless you live in a desert, it is most likely going to rain at some point this Spring. After all, “April showers bring May flowers”. If you don’t want to get soaked, then you need to invest in some rain gear. Umbrellas, rain coats, ponchos, or galoshes, all are important if you want to stay mostly dry when mother nature is doing her best to get you wet.

  9. Hammock

A hammock is great when you just want to relax or nap outside. Not only are they extremely comfortable, they are one of the healthier ways to get some good sleep. They reduce stress, improve blood circulation, and can reduce back pain. Nothing more enjoyable than gently rocking back and forth with a crisp spring breeze.  

  10. Kite

Speaking of spring breezes, kites are a great way to actively take advantage of the wind. Not to mention they are great entertainment for kids everywhere. Flying a kite together with your family is a great way to bond in the outdoors. If it’s good enough for Mary Poppins, it’s good enough for anyone. 

Being bottled up all winter is tough on anyone. Hopefully you can find something on this list to spark an idea when the weather finally breaks so you can take full advantage. Good Luck!

Written by George K.

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