3 Coins that are likely to shoot up

Crypto investors always seek to invest our money in Bit qs that are likely to yield income and profits. This is possible only when the value of such assets holds the potential to go big over time. But the uncertainty of the market situation leads to a risk factor.

The current market circumstances reveal the ardent need for certainty in predictions. Uncertainty in predictions and the unstable market are the prime reasons for the losses borne by the investors. Being aware of the Insights and trends in this field is mandatory before investing and risking your money.

Although there are coins that have seen a decline in their value, there are several other coins that are likely to shoot up the trends of the market. The 3 major ones are Binance (BNB), FTX Token (FTT), and Logarithmic Finance (LOG). 

1. Binance (BNB)

The native currency, BNB has been bought into existence in the year 2017 by the Binance cryptocurrency exchange.

BNB has plenty of variating features that attract its investors to maintain safe ownership of the coin. According to recent reports, Binance (BNB) holds the fifth position in market capitalization as of May 2022.

Why invest in BNB?

The Binance coin (BNB) is gaining popularity in the crypto market. Now, as its market exposure and demand increase, the prices of this coin also shoot up.

There are several characteristics that add to its merits. For example, when users pay using the BNB system, the concept of the BinanceCoinSave feature is likely to allow them a discount on their transactions. This gives them a sense of satisfaction and enables them to make frequent use of the coin.

Another aspect of this coin is that we can store it in various wallets like Trezor and Ledger Nano S.

The uniqueness and captivating features of BNB are attracting the interest of investors. Its association with the Binance exchange makes it engaging and user-friendly.

It acts as a perfect choice for investors seeking both income and growth outcomes.   

2. FTX Token (FTT)

The FTT Token has been invented by the FTX Cryptocurrency exchange.

It allows consumers to use a variety of trade mediums. FTT enables its consumers to make easy use of trade stocks and also permits them to use FTX pay for receiving transactions in crypto or fiat. Currently, adverse market conditions have influenced the trends of the FTT Token.

The FTT Token is wallet-friendly and can heap many benefits to users. The main merit is that it offers a cheaper transaction cost which is something we all have been looking for. When we dive into the organization of this coin, the creative team and the founder of this project Sam Bankman Fried has been very honest about publicizing the coin.

Consumers use FTT Token for making transactions despite its volatility resistance. But if you are to start with investing in crypto and fear risk, then FTT can be a good go.

3. Logarithmic Finance  (LOG)

LOG is a new 3-layered coin that has set its foot in the crypto domain. Expert knowledge reveals that this coin will shortly rule the crypto industry holding one of the largest places in the crypto market.

Although the token is on presale, its value is on a steady run and is likely to increase further. Ever since its presale, the token has seen a 203% rise in its value. The stability of this coin yields profit to enthusiastic investors. This means that the coin is non-volatile.

There are several specialized features that this coin offers to it users. The newest and most appreciable trait is that it facilitates communication between its developers and investors. By doing so, Logarithmic Finance will bring together various digital companies and financial specialists.

 These qualities will lead to its value shooting up to the sky. The distinct features make it stand out from the other coins and help in getting quick access to many blockchains. The proposed concept of a liquidity pool that acts as a bridge between users has made the coin extraordinary and remarkable.

The perfect time to invest in this token is now as timing is a potential key to investors in this field. 

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