These Five Metaverses are Worth Attending in 2022

Facebook made the term, Meta, famous. Mark Zuckerberg went in for rebranding try the bitql website, as Meta or MVRS. The idea went into action in December 2021. Since then, people have been expressing increasing curiosity in projects involving metaverse.

However, what exactly is metaverse?

It refers to a digital universe, which is all-encompassing in nature. The members take the form of avatars, which can move and interact. They use the virtual world as a substitute for the real world, and behave normally within it. In other words, avatars do everything, including interacting with fellow avatars.

Here is an outline of the five best metaverse projects on display, today.


It takes its name from  decentralized blockchain networks. Therefore, it strives to be a virtual social world, resembling the physical world as much as it can. It permits visitors to be whatever they wish to be. 

The official token of Decentraland is MANA. It is available on digital currency exchanges, such as Coinbase, Binance, KuCoin, etc. The visitor must get his/her avatar, and roam around, purchasing real estate, wearables, etc. 

A third-party digital wallet can come into play here. Amongst third-party wallets, MetaMask is extremely popular. In other words, users may not bring their other wallets into play. The virtual space offers 90,000 land parcels. Avatars may rent out their purchases, to gain extra income. Whatever be the case, the gaming industry is offering sufficient lures for players to hang around. These lures could exciting events, the good value of assets, etc.


Focused on original events and interesting games, Sandbox operates on the Ethereum blockchain. The games are very similar to Roblox and Minecraft.

The technology that comes into play here, is 3D Voxel. Players may exert their imagination to the maximum, for coming up with visuals of unique worlds. Then again, with the aid of SAND, the native asset of Sandbox, visitors may convert their unusual experiences into cash rewards. It is possible to do so via the P2E model economy employed by the platform.

The best thing about this Metaverse is that even those, without much background information about Ether, may use the Ethereum blockchain comfortably. In fact, even someone, without much knowledge about digital currencies, is welcome to experiment.


The theme is different. This universe displays the human world on the verge of becoming extinct. True, the Metaverse is a P2E game. Yet, it shows up the natural world in a much broader spectrum, urgently desiring a cleanup. 

The idea is that wrongs have occurred in the past. The pas may only be eliminated via the development of new economies/societies, governments, etc. In fact, alliances are encouraged, however shaky they may seem, between all the members playing at that time. Thus, the users must be able to take charge of their own regions, and defend them properly. Over time, they become figures of prominence, thereby gaining greater advantages too. Apart from these two features, Ertha offers others too.


It refers to a 3D video game. Users may collect NFT collectibles along the way. Everything is powered by blockchain technology. Additionally, the game focuses on real estate. 

StarLink is governed via a DAO. In fact, it is the first metaverse to be done so.  The team is working on a new feature for the future. It will permit the network to become a gaming launchpad. The developers and technology team consist of people, who have interacted with well-known names, such as Lego, Disney, Pixar, etc.

Meta Hero

The star attraction are the excessively realistic and digitalized replicas of objects from the real world. Furthermore, avatars may personalize themselves as mentalists, enchanters, assassins, etc. 

With the help of 3D scanning, it becomes possible to bring the digital and the physical worlds together. Real-world objects seem to acquire a new form, a digital one. These objects represent non-fungible tokens (NFTs). The effects are very realistic, because the team is taking assistance from Wolf Studio, whose technological outpourings have already become famous in the fashion, music, and gaming industrial sectors. 

The combination is also striving to make users interested in $HERO, Meta Hero’s native coin. An ERC-20 coin, it is available at diverse cryptocurrency exchanges, such as, KuCoin, PancakeSwap, etc. If you are a beginner, engage in Bitcoin trading confidently with Bitcoin smart.

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