4 Things You Must Know Before Smoking Marijuana

Marijuana is something that has only increased in popularity despite all the restrictions being put on it over the decade. Now that that governments around the world are finally legalizing it, its popularity is only bound to increase. About 44 percent of American adults have tried marijuana once in their life. If you are planning to do so, there are some things that you must do before you actually do the deed.

First-time smokers can go through a stream of emotions that can either be depressing or totally opposite. Granted that there are no guidelines when it comes to smoking marijuana, but having knowledge never hurts. In this article, I am going to mention four things that you must know before you actually try out marijuana.

Learn Your Strains

First of all, just like everything else, you need to know everything there is to know about marijuana. You should start by researching all the strains of marijuana using Marijuana Dispensary and find out something that suits your needs. For starters, you should know that there are two main types of marijuana called Indica and Sativa. If you are having trouble with choosing the best hybrid strains for yourself, you can browse over to the linked website and find a strain that fits your individual needs.

Don’t Rush Yourself

The worst mistake that you can make as a beginner smoker is to go all in. Just like the turtle and the tortoise’s race, you should know that slow and steady wins the race. A lot of people say that they don’t feel high when smoking for the first time. If you feel the same, there is no need to worry or smoke too much. You need to take it slow and be patient. If it doesn’t work for the first time, it will definitely work the second time, and you will feel the high you are looking for.

Know What Method of Consumption Suits You

If you are a first-time smoker, you need to stay away from a bong or edibles as they give their users a very potent high. As mentioned in the above tip, you should take it slow and build from there. A classic choice is to go for a joint as they are easy to smoke, and you generally get a very good high from them. That being said, another choice that is very popular nowadays is to go for a vaporizer as you get the extra benefit of portability and them being less harmful to your lungs.

Keep Yourself Safe and Have Fun

Lastly, the whole point of smoking marijuana is to have fun. If you are not doing that, you should give up on it altogether. Compared to other recreational drugs like cocaine or alcohol, marijuana is a far safer choice, and if you take the necessary steps to ensure safety, you are only going to have fun. Just make sure that you don’t smoke under someone’s pressure and also do it when you feel comfortable in a safe environment.

Written by George K.

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