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5 Best Meditation Apps to Reduce Anxiety


How much you deny, we are living a stressful life. Especially now, thanks to the pandemic we are even more stressed because of the curveballs life has been throwing at us. For a long time now, practicing mindfulness and deep breathing has been considered a remedy for stress.

When you focus on your breathing, it grounds you and calms you down. Meditation apps have become of utmost importance these days, it’s the foremost way to deal with stress and anxiety as well as the daily upheavals.

We bring to you the 10 best meditation apps that center on meditation, sleep sounds, and deep breathing. Some of these apps have daily reminders, calming music, guided lessons, and much more for you to relax and relieve your stress. These meditation apps are great as they can travel with you anywhere you go and you don’t have to worry about losing sleep over daily hardships.


Are you stressed? Having anxiety? Or can’t focus? Calm has guided meditations that are going to help you deal with everything. The app is focused on making you aware of what you are truly feeling. It provides you with various tools to stay focused and grounded.

Calm was awarded as one of the best meditation apps and continues to garner the same love and attention. It has an impressive catalog for meditation. The “Sleep Stories” are one of the best features that are dubbed in the voices of Matthew McConaughey and Bob Ross. It also has 10-minute guided videos that offer lessons on gentle stretching.

Calm is free to download with basic features. You can also opt for an annual subscription at $69.99 and a lifetime membership at $399.99

Insight Timer

Insight Timer is one of the best budget meditations apps that you can find. It has more than forty-five thousand meditations for you, unlike many others that don’t have enough content for free. It has many filters that you can use to narrow down your search. Categories that indicate your need like self-esteem or stress, specific benefits like kids, or spirituality, or time for 5 minutes to 30 minutes and more.

This app is great for beginners as well as experienced practitioners. It will help you grow your peace of mind, manage stress, and have sound sleep. It is free with a few in-app purchases. The app works well on Android and iOS.


This is also among the best meditation apps you will see today. If you go to bed with your brain fogged with thoughts and worries, this ones for you. It provides sleep meditations, breathing exercises, and much more. It has the clearest guided lessons for everyone that gradually level up from sitting quietly to advanced levels. A thoughtful feature that this app has is dimmed screen light that will help you calm down.

This app is great for experienced meditators as well. Users need to sign up to get free access to basic features, you can get a monthly subscription for $12.99 and $69.99 for an annual membership.

Ten Percent Happier

For those of you who think, “I can’t meditate”, this app is perfect for you. It teaches you the ‘how-to’ behind meditation and makes it fun and easy. You will have many short on-the-go meditations. It has many courses like ‘Singles’ and ‘Sleep’ that provide guided meditation and audio talks that you can simply listen to on the go. It teaches you how to practice mindful eating, managing stress, how to deal with emotions, and much more.

This app has an annual fee of $99.99 with a seven-day free trial, it also has a limited version that is free. It is available on iOS and Android.


Buddhify is an interactive meditation app that lets users decide when and where they want to meditate. It offers more than 200 targeted meditations and focuses on urban meditation. The app allows you to create a ‘wheel’ of meditation. Depending on what you are doing it has meditations that last four to 30 minutes. The app is designed to enhance concentration and focus.
This app is available on Android and iOS and costs $30 for an annual membership.


These 5 best meditation apps will help reduce your anxiety and train your mind to maximize your potential. Meditation helps you organize your thoughts and calms you physically. These apps offer more than just guided meditations, they offer sleep sounds and holistic meditation techniques. Apps are a great way to wind down and become stress-free. The fantastic combination of auditory and visual assistance that these apps provide makes it easy to practice meditation and reduce anxiety.

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