5 Reasons Why You Should Have Fire Blankets

Fires can be incredibly dangerous if they are allowed to grow for a certain period. As you may have seen in the news over the years, wildfires can result in deaths and massive damages. Not only that, but they can last for days or more even if the fire department is trying their best to handle the situation. 

Fortunately, stopping a fire can be very easy in its early stage. Among the tools or items you can use to extinguish a small fire is a fire blanket. 

Fire blankets are manufactured specially to stand against extreme temperatures and not burn or catch fire themselves. There are several types of fire blankets. They are made from various materials and serve multiple purposes. 

Let’s take a look at five reasons why you should have a quality fire blanket.

Protect People

Many people end up suffering from burns because they accidentally caught on fire while engaging in some activity. In some cases, these burns can be incredibly severe, and they may even cause death. 

Having a fire blanket nearby can allow you to cover the person who catches on fire and save their life. You can also use fire blankets to get out of the premises safely. 

However, you should keep in mind that the fire blankets are only useful with smaller fires. 

Protect Young Children

Looking at the yearly stats, fires claim the lives of many innocent children and infants. To keep your children safe, you can purchase fire blankets from any reputable manufacturer or company. 

If you run a daycare center, you can keep fire blankets handy and tell parents their kids will be safe in your care. 

In case a fire ever breaks out, you need to make sure not to cover the child or infant’s face. These blankets are designed to cut out oxygen and extinguish fires. If you put the blanket on someone’s face, they will be depleted of their oxygen supply as well. 

Extinguish Electrical Fires

When electrical wires or other systems catch fire, what happens next can be very unpredictable. Based on the surroundings of the fire, it can be anything from a wall burning to an entire structure collapsing. Therefore, you need to put these fires out as soon as they start. 

If there is a fire blanket nearby, you can quickly cover the flaming area and put out the fire. That’s why you should put fire blankets in strategic locations around the premises. Also, teach everyone how to use them correctly.

Put Out Kitchen Fires

While mostly inexperienced cooks cause fires in the kitchen, even a professional can sometimes make a mistake. 

Whether you’re working with a grill or a stove, the fire can sometimes get out of control. Sometimes it’s the cooks’ fault, and other times it’s because of the equipment or other factors. 

Regardless, having a fire blanket in the kitchen can be of immense help. However, you should purchase one that is specifically designed for kitchen fires. The wrong one can be problematic. If you place it on a burning stove or grill, retrieving the fire blanket can get you burned. 

Extinguish Outdoor Fires

From barbeque parties to a gathering around a fire pit, the outdoors are also highly susceptible to fires. Because of the wide availability of oxygen outdoors, these fires can quickly spread and wreak havoc in the area. 

In case a fire starts to get out of hand, you can quickly throw a fire blanket on top of it and extinguish it. This can allow you to save lives, property, and maybe even the neighboring area. 

Written by George K.

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