5 Signs To Get Mini Splits As A New AC

When it comes to cooling your house on a hot summer day, there are a number of different options that you can pick from. Some people choose window units while others simply use the air conditioner that’s built into their houses. However, that’s only a few of the options that are available on the market. 

One of the most recent choices that has become popular in homes in the past few years is the mini split air conditioner. This ductless air conditioner system is similar to your home’s central air system, connecting an indoor unit to an outdoor condenser with power cables and other tubing. Yet their popularity is growing for the number of benefits they have over other traditional and other alternative air conditioning systems. 

This article will show you when is the best time to look into getting new mini splits in Phoenix to replace your old air conditioner. 

You need controlled air conditioning in a specific room

Sometimes, on hot summer days, you need to cool down the house quickly so that your family can do their tasks in relative comfort. The only issue is that, with everyone in different rooms, everyone wants different levels of cooling and the central air conditioner’s set to one temperature. The good news is that mini split systems can help solve this issue quite easily. The main and most efficient use of a mini split air conditioner is in a single room. Depending on which rooms are used the most throughout the day, you can have up to four indoor units connected to a single unit.

Many systems can also have special programs to turn on when someone is in a specific room and at specific times of the day. For example, you can set a schedule to turn on the mini split in the bedrooms on one side of the house because the sun tends to heat those rooms the most.  This gives homeowners a level of control and personalization when it comes to where they spend their day and how cool they want their rooms to be.

Your energy use is too high

In order to cool down the one room you’re in, you end up cooling down the entire house too. Though this might not seem too bad at first, this often means that you use much more energy. During summers in already hot places like Arizona and other states closer to the equator, this often means that the energy cost gets even higher. 

Mini split air conditioners provide an environmentally friendly alternative. Due to the fact they can be turned on and used in the specific rooms, you need them to, the system can save you money on your energy bills. The 30% average energy loss from using central forced air conditioning can be saved by using mini split cooling systems.

Your house can’t accommodate ducts well

On occasion, the place you live might not do ductwork as well as some houses. This might be because you live in a mobile home, or your house is too old to risk any further construction. Mini split air conditioners are a great choice, especially for those that built a new space for their home. Both the condenser and the indoor unit can be mounted wherever you need them, allowing efficient cooling for these kinds of living spaces.

To make it even better, mini split systems are quite space friendly. On average, an indoor unit is roughly a foot tall, two and a half feet wide, and 7 to 9 inches in depth. For living spaces like mobile homes, this gives more than enough space for other needs and decorations, all while providing the cooling you need.

You want a cleaner alternative 

Your central air system can be one of the places in your home that accumulate pollen, dust, and other debris in a very short amount of time. Sometimes, small creatures like bugs, birds, and mice can also find their way into your vents, leading to even more dirt building up inside them. When temperatures rise, condensation can form inside the ducts, quickly making the debris hazardous to your health. To maintain good air quality and prevent illnesses, the ducts need regular cleaning and maintenance. Having a family with children or pets often means that the time between cleanings is shortened even more. Mini splits provide homes with cleaner air by removing the need for ducts entirely.

Offers a variety of modes and features

Mini split air conditioners offer more than just cooling your home. In cooler climates further up north, the system can also be used to heat a room in the same way. Some mini splits have a range of other features, such as a dehumidifier. This is a great function to have in hot, moisture-heavy climates closer to the equator. The system also has a sleep mode for overnight cooling needs and an automatic setting. More often than not, central forced air systems only provide the most basic of cooling and require additional fixtures to improve the air quality in your home

Mini splits also have a variety of features aimed to deliver greater ease of use for buyers. Often, due to their need to be installed higher up on walls to work efficiently, most mini split models can be turned on and have the temperature adjusted with a remote or an app. Similarly, they can also have programmable timers for scheduled cooling and washable filters that don’t need professionals to take out and install. 


For people that are searching for effective options to replace their air conditioning or to cool down a newly built space during hot summer days, mini split air conditioners have a lot of benefits to offer. They are environmentally friendly and save you money all while improving your indoor air quality. Many models also come with a range of features that most central air systems or other cooling systems don’t offer, making them a valuable system to have in your home.

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