7 Reasons Why Smart Ceiling Fans Are Better Options Than Air Conditioners

7 Reasons Why Smart Ceiling Fans Are Better Options Than Air Conditioners

Amid the rise in temperature around the globe, summers often get too unbearable for us. Scorching heat, blazing sun, dry hot winds demand cooling alternatives to cope. Such changing circumstances have made efficient space cooling, talk of the time.

A good deal of cooling appliances is available in the market when it comes to purchasing one. Air Conditioners today, have become a part of our lifestyle at homes, offices, and commercial areas. But people tend to look for smart appliances amid energy crisis, inflation, and budget constraints.

So, you might wonder what is going to work best for you. Don’t you?

Well, we got your concern.

Here we come up with the 7 reasons, why smart ceiling fans are a better option than air conditioners?

7 Reasons Why Smart Ceiling Fans are Better Options than Air Conditioners

Smart ceiling fans are advanced appliances in the cooling niche that have replaced traditional ceiling fans by incorporating smart operating features. They can be programmed and controlled remotely utilizing WIfi and Bluetooth technology.

Let’s proceed to our focal point and explore the 7 reasons why smart ceiling fans are a better option than air conditioners.

1. Cost-Friendly Mode of Cooling

Costs are the core area of concern whenever making a purchase. Smart ceiling fans are cost-friendly when it comes to purchasing, installation, and maintenance. Air conditioners, on the other hand, demand a great capital expenditure not only during the purchase but installation and maintenance too.

According to Home Depot, the average price of smart ceiling fans starts from just $20 given the various models available. Meanwhile, air conditioning units cost up to $6000 according to This Old House along with additional installation costs.

For this reason, a smart ceiling fan can be your budget-friendly choice for cooling purposes as compared to air conditioners that can prove to be a burden on your finances.

2. Reduction in Electricity Bills and Energy Consumption

Over the time, the world is moving towards smart energy saver choices. Specifically, in summers, space cooling with air conditioners overburdens our finances with sky-high electricity bills in hand. Smart ceiling fans with reduced energy consumption can be a great alternative.

Air conditioners consume power up to 3000 Watts causing a significant rise in electricity bills. Relatively, smart ceiling fans consume a lot less power with supreme cooling comfort. That’s why you should be preferring a smart ceiling fan to get savings and comfort side by side.

3. Remote Operation and Control Features

Another unique feature of smart ceiling fans is their capability to be controlled remotely. Though many air conditioners also come with remote controlling features but the incorporation of such advanced technology in smart ceiling fans is appreciable.

Smart ceiling fans can be programmed and operated using connectivity features like WIFI and Bluetooth in smartphones. Smart home hubs can also be utilized to operate them. Voice control, remote control, scheduling, temperature, and humidity sensors are other smart ways to operate them.

These advanced remote operating technologies in such a cost-friendly appliance make smart ceiling fans a preferable choice over air conditioners.

4. Lesser Maintenance and Service Issues

Air conditioners, being more complex frequently encounter operational breakdowns. Air conditioners comprise extensive delicate hardware components that require routine maintenance and proper care. Unfavourable conditions, rough handling, and improper usage may lead to damage to the appliance.

Where equipment faults occur frequently, ease of maintenance is highly compromised. You need an expert cooling service specialist to get your air conditioner serviced every season.

Meanwhile, smart ceiling fans are much easier to handle and maintain. You don’t need to call experts for service and routine cleaning, rather it can be done simply by yourself. Being a relatively simple appliance, you don’t have to worry about recurrent operational issues. Even if it happens, the faults can be diagnosed easily and rectified.

5. Safe Mode of Space Cooling

Smart Ceiling fans are relatively a safe appliance for space cooling purposes. Too many times, natural disasters like heavy rains, winds, and cyclones bring along power cutoff and voltage fluctuation issues.

Heavy electrical instruments like air conditioners are relatively more vulnerable to such voltage fluctuations. Incidents like short circuits and permanent malfunctioning of air conditioners may occur. Many such cases end up in horrific fire incidents too.

In such situations, smart ceiling fans are relatively less prone to failure. Having multiple means of control available in hand, you can immediately turn off the fan to avoid any mishap. Even if the damage occurs, it is not that widespread as in the case of air conditioners.

6. Freedom from Installation Issues

Air conditioners like those of window type and split units are meant to be installed on wall spaces or windows. In this case, you have to optimize your home or office facilities accordingly to make suitable room for their installation. Too many times, it would require renovating your interior decor for this sake.

Sounds disturbing. Right?

This is where smart ceiling fans give you freedom of décor and facility design. You can simply install them in your ceilings with no associated worries. 

7. Environment-Friendly Cooling Appliance

Our lives are a lot dependent on the quality of our environment. Smart ceiling fans provide a more environment-friendly space cooling service relative to air conditioners. This is another strong reason why smart ceiling fans are better options to air conditioners.

Air conditioners utilize chlorofluorocarbons and a cooling agent that leads to gas production as a by-product. This gas plays a dominant role in depleting the ozone layer thus proving to be a strong environmental hazard.

Replacing air conditioners with smart ceiling fans can thus be an environmental saving act to ultimately secure ourselves.


The above-mentioned reasons clearly demonstrate how smart ceiling fans are better options to air conditioners. Where air conditioners have their importance too but overall, smart ceiling fans are a better, economical, safe, and environment-friendly source of space cooling.

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