5 Ways for Men to Stay Active Outdoors This Summer

5 Ways for Men to Stay Active Outdoors This Summer

Summer is almost upon us, and the warmer temperatures often spark a desire in us to be more physically active outdoors. People want to be able to enjoy the fresh air and the summer sun, so why not tie a physical health benefit to it? If you’re a guy who is looking to improve your personal health and fitness this summer, and you want to find ways to stay physically active outdoors, we’ve got some fabulous ideas for you. Each of these promises a healthy mix of exercise and fun.

Hit Up the Bike Trails

One of the most enjoyable summer activities is biking. Biking can be enjoyed by all levels of experience from beginners to biking pros or enthusiasts. People from all over Key West are reaching out to Island Safari Rentals located here to ensure a summer filled with adventure and possibly gain a few healthy benefits at the same time. Bike riding is an easy way to get active and burn calories, all while enjoying the beautiful scenery. Most cities and towns have bike trails or paths nowadays, and if you don’t happen to have one near you, you can always bike on the road – safely of course. In terms of the gear you’ll need to invest in for this activity, if you’re a beginner, there’s no need to invest in a super expensive bike – just look for one that is comfortable to ride.

Cool Off in the Water

We can’t mention summer activities without also mentioning swimming. People wait all year for the nice weather to arrive so they can enjoy the pool, lake, or ocean. Swimming is not only a great way to beat the summer heat, but it is an excellent form of exercise. It provides many health benefits including strengthening your lungs, building muscle, acting as a cardio workout, and building strength.

Bust Out the Roller Skates

Why not embrace a retro activity and pick up a pair of men’s roller skates that you can use outdoors? If you have any flat paved bike trails near you, they are perfect for roller skating. It’s an unexpected activity that allows you to go at your own pace and can be enjoyed both on your own and with friends. If you’re going to be roller skating outdoors, just be sure to grab the necessary protective equipment – a helmet, knee pads, and wrist guards.

It’s Time to Visit the Links

Then there is golfing, which is another fabulous summer activity. If you want to boost the fitness value in this sport, skip the cart rental and instead walk the course. Even if you only golf nine holes, walking the course will make it more of a workout. This is also a great sport for doing with friends so you can combine it with socialization.

Sign Up for a Sports Team

The final tip is to sign up for a local sports team. There are plenty of sports that start up in the summer, such as volleyball, baseball, golf and soccer, and this is a great opportunity to burn some calories and meet some new buddies.

Each of these summer activities will help you to stay healthy and fit this summer, while taking advantage of the fabulous weather.

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