540-Pound Man Looks Completely Different After 300-Pound Weight Loss

A man named John was dealt the most difficult hand that life could ever give him.

From a young age, John was faced with personal issues after he had to cope with the suddenness of his parent’s divorce.

John’s parents divorced after almost five years together and a young John could not cope with the emotional trauma.

He delved into food and began to gain weight immensely.

It wasn’t a problem at the time but John began to fall more and more into the quagmire that is an eating disorder.

Things got worse after his father was diagnosed with a terminal illness.

The nature of the illness wasn’t divulged but John dealt with the emotional heartbreak through food again.

Young John tried to fill the gaping hole in his heart with food.

And feel it he did.

540-Pound Man Looks Completely Different After 300-Pound Weight Loss

But it didn’t stop there.

As John grew into an adult, his eating issues didn’t just go away as they were now a part and parcel of him.

Speaking to the media, he revealed that he didn’t see it as a big deal until he paid a visit to a doctor and got a rude awakening.

While at the hospital, he found out that there was no scale in the hospital with a maximum capacity enough to weigh him.

His doctor sent him to a fish market, where he discovered that he now weighed a staggering 540 pounds.

540-Pound Man Looks Completely Different After 300-Pound Weight Loss

Following his next visit to the doctor, he was warned that if he didn’t change his lifestyle, he could die due to his excessive weight.

Since then John tried every diet and weight loss program that he could find, to no avail.

None really helped and he was despondent.

Things turned around however after he came across a weight-loss boot camp on Facebook.

Although he was scared of the challenge, he did it anyway and the results have been astonishing, to say the least.

John has lost three hundred pounds since he started the program.

540-Pound Man Looks Completely Different After 300-Pound Weight Loss

A proud John said to the media,

‘I’ve learned so much through this journey… For me, the key was finding a community of people who are like-minded, who have goals to lose weight and eat better and be healthier, so that you’re not doing it alone’.

John isn’t the only one that is proud of his achievements.

John’s wife Caila has been by his side through every step of the grueling three hundred pound-loss program.

She said,

‘He’s amazing. He’s put in a lot of hard work and discipline. He’s endured a lot of challenges and failures but he just kept trying… and he finally found his success story’.

Although John now has a ton of excess skin, there is hope for him with a ground-breaking plastic surgery procedure in his future.

540-Pound Man Looks Completely Different After 300-Pound Weight Loss

The Doctors matched him up with plastic surgeons Michael Zarrabi and Dr. Daniel Barrett, who will remove the skin free of charge.

Happy at the silver lining in his cloud, he said,

‘The thing I have always wanted the most is just to be able to function and move and look like a normal person and put on clothes like a normal person… and to be able to maybe experience things like a normal person in every sense is a blessing’


Written by Evelyn Smith

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