6 Awesome Ideas You Can Use When Making A Personalized Calendar

There’s no denying that 2020 was such a tough year, but we hope to ring in the new year with a positive mindset.  The best way to kick off the year is by making sure we stay more connected to the people we love. It is not uncommon for people to forget birthdays, important dates, and other events since it can be hard to keep track of everything.  

On that note, to prepare for a joyful year, it’s best to do some forward planning and make a personalized calendar that will help you stay on top of things. Read on to learn 6 amazing ideas you can use to create a personalized calendar.

   1. Favorite Captures

Find some special pictures that mean a lot to you in your phone’s gallery. Choose 12 photos and print them onto the new calendar. Looking at each photo for 30 days will give a sense of gratitude and appreciation for the moments you lived. Pictures of friends, family, your childhood, and your pets will significantly make you happy every time you look at them. This will not only remind you of the best moments you had but will also inspire you to make new memories in the same vein in the future.

   2. Day by Day

Customize your calendar by day and add important events, holidays, and birthdays that make your calendar the perfect reminder or to-do list. You can also include photos, in addition to the text, to highlight a special day. If you don’t want your calendar to look plain, change the background, and make it more lively. The experts at explain that you can customize your calendar’s background any way you like by adding a photo of a flag, animal, or even a pop of color. You can easily do these customizations online, where you can design your calendar, then print it.

   3. World Tours

Traveling is a one-of-a-kind experience that everyone appreciates and wants to memorize. Display your tour memories on your new calendar and enjoy looking at precious moments you lived. They don’t necessarily have to be pictures of you; showcase the country’s landmarks on your calendar. Every time you look at them, you will recall unforgettable memories. You can also display photos of the countries you want to visit; they will motivate you to possibly visit them this year.

   4. Delicious Recipes

Embrace your inner chef and showcase some of your favorite recipes on your calendar. If you’re a foodie, have your dishes come to life every month by displaying them. You can arrange them according to the season or feature a different dish every month. Your displayed recipes can be from the internet or from your own kitchen; you choose! Just don’t blame it on us if you put on weight.

   5. Inspire Yourself

Sometimes we can get lazy and put off doing the things that we love and obligations that we ought to do. Make your calendar push you to get things done. Add inspirational quotes or certain messages that will motivate you to be productive. For example, if you need to repair something in your home, remind yourself by writing a relevant quote on your calendar or just write “repair the chairs.” 

6 Awesome Ideas You Can Use When Making A Personalized Calendar

DIY calendars usually incorporate photos, yet you can make yours more meaningful by adding words. Look for inspirational quotes that will motivate you every time you see the calendar. If you are planning on giving calendars as gifts, be creative, and add some of the best words to live by.

   6. Make Use of Color

What is your favorite color? Let your calendar answer this question by showcasing your most preferred color on its pages. Embrace different hues and shades of your favored color and enjoy a monochromatic look for your calendar. If you’re a fan of seas and oceans, shades of blue like sky, navy, cobalt, and sapphire can be embedded in your calendar.

Whether your calendar is a personal reminder of important events, a family planner, or a to-do-list, it will always be more meaningful when you personalize it. Create a personalized calendar that is as unique as you are, and fill it with all the events and tasks you want to keep up with. Add photos, use different colors, and customize your backgrounds to make your calendar more fun. That way, you will be more inclined to check it regularly. Feel free to get creative and use novel materials to make your calendar stand out. After all, what is better than welcoming the new year with a personally-designed calendar that is thoughtful, relevant, and collectively appreciated!

Written by George K.

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