How To Prepare Yourself Before Getting a Covid-19 Vaccine

The Covid-19 Pandemic has created a truly awful toll of death and destruction which is really without precedent in the modern age. The lives which have been lost, along with the long term health issues and economic damage will leave behind a global sense of trauma which may take years to overcome. With the successful development and rollout of the Covid-19 vaccines, however, there is finally some good news at the end of a dreadful time across the world. With millions of vaccines already having been administered around the world, you may find that you are next in line and may have some questions which you want answering.

To help everyone feel safe and confident, here is how to prepare yourself before getting a covid-19 vaccine.

1. Talk to your Doctor Before You Go For Your Vaccination 

Every country is trying its absolute best to vaccinate as many people as possible and this means that they are training people to administer the vaccines who would not do it in normal times. The experts from explain that nurses and other healthcare providers are receiving the necessary training, but it is very unlikely that they know much about the vaccine itself not being qualified doctors and not having been part of vaccine development. If you have any questions about the vaccine, do not wait until you get to your appointment to ask them as it is unlikely anyone there will be able to give you an answer. Speak to your doctor about any queries or concerns you have well in advance of your appointment so they can give you the information you need.

2. Make Sure Your Appointment Date and Time are Safe

There are various factors which may mean that you need to delay your Covid-19 vaccination. If, for example, you have recently had the virus, it is recommended that you wait thirty days before receiving the vaccination. If during your Covid-19 treatment you received a monoclonal antibody infusion or convalescent plasma, the recommendation is a ninety day delay. This is to ensure that the vaccination is fully effective as there are some concerns it may not be if you have received Covd-19 treatment recently.

3. Cancel Other Vaccine Appointments

It is recommended that you wait two weeks before receiving your first Covid-19 dose and two week after your second dose before you get any other vaccine. While those other appointments can be rescheduled, the Covid-19 vaccine schedule is so busy that it is really important you give that the utmost importance. With so many people waiting for a vaccination to get their lives back to normal, it is all of our duty to make sure we attend our appointments.

4. Eat and Drink Before Receiving Your Vaccine

This is very important because it ensures that your body is well prepared to receive the vaccination. There are some people who mistakenly think that they need to abstain from food and drink like they would before surgery but this has led to cases of people hyperventilating or becoming hypoglycemic after receiving the vaccination. You do not need to make any changes to your normal daily eating routine to prepare for your vaccination. If your appointment is early in the morning, at least eat a bowl of cereal and drink some juice so that you have some sugar and energy in your system.

How To Prepare Yourself Before Getting a Covid-19 Vaccine

5. Understand the Potential Side Effects

There has been so much fear mongering and conspiracy theories with trouble makers claiming all kinds of horrendous and potentially life threatening side effects. This is an outright lie as every vaccine has been stringently checked to make sure that they are all safe and that there are no serious side effects. A small number of people may experience minor side effects after receiving the vaccination such as a slightly sore arm, a mild fever, chills or a headache. If you experience any of these then don’t worry as they should finish within a couple of days. If the side effects do linger, make an appointment with your doctor just to check that all is well.

The Covid-19 Pandemic has been so exhausting that it almost seems surreal that a solution is finally in sight. With all of the many conspiracy theories and misinformation which is being spread, it is only natural to feel apprehensive about the Covid-19 vaccine. Make sure that you speak to your doctor if you have any concerns and that you know exactly when and where your vaccine will be administered. 2019 was a dark year for us all but hopefully the vaccines can bring a new light to 2021. 

Written by George K.

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