6 Technologies That Are Changing the World

Technology is the greatest thing to happen to us, it has revolutionized our lives and the world. Modern technologies like smartphones and smartwatches make our everyday lives simpler and faster.

There are certain advanced technologies which aren’t being utilized on a larger scale as of now but have a great potential in the coming decades. I have listed 6 such technologies below which are slowly transforming our world.

1. Autonomous Vehicles

Autonomous vehicles or self-driving cars are designed with advanced processing software and sensors which could interpret its surroundings to navigate on proper routes with no human intervention.

Self-driving technology is growing quickly and few automakers have already developed semi-autonomous cars. The future with quieter roads and fewer accidents appears to be very near with the help of self-driving cars.

2. Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Interestingly, the earliest mention of AI is present in Greek mythology, where robots and artificial humans like Talos and Pandora were created. AI technology is the fastest-growing field, it has already developed so many robots and tools, like the Sophia humanoid which imitates human interactions and the robot agriculture startup, Iron Ox.

AI can transform the world and improve how we perform tasks, starting from the simpler tasks of our daily lives to the more complex tasks of the medical world.

3. Virtual Reality (VR)

Human beings are visual beings and we love to visualize things. Virtual reality is another such technology which is being highly praised and has the power to revolutionize how we experience things.

Virtual reality creates an immersive simulated environment which users can interact with and makes the users feel as if they’re surrounded by it. The most popular element of VR is the HMD, head-mounted display, it’s a headset which is not just used for many gaming, but also for engineering, aviation, medicine and more.

4. Regenerative Medicine

Before the 90s people may have only imagined the possibility of re-growing or replacing their body parts and organs, but now in 2020, it’s actually possible. Regenerative medicine is a branch of medicine which is developing methods to regrow, repair or replace, the damaged human cells, tissues and organs.

It is amazing how fast the medical world is developing, you can read more about the medical revolutions here on Human Paragon.

5. 3D Printing

Invented in 1984 by Chuck Hull the Chief Technology Officer of the company 3D Systems, the 3D printers work just like 2D printers, but instead of printing on paper, 3D printers print out objects by layering different materials. The potential of 3D printing is endless and this revolutionary technology is used in various fields such as the gift-making, robotics, medicine, musical instruments, jewelry, architecture, and more.

Not only does 3D printing makes it possible to create long-lasting and light footwear materials, but it can also print out human organs which could be used for organ transplantation. 3D printing technology will have an enormous impact on our everyday lives. It is also safer for the environment as it makes it possible to reuse old materials.

6. Robot Assistants

We all know what a robot is and have wished to have one for ourselves. The possibility of having robots as assistants have already come to a reality. The Boston Dynamics company developed a robot in 2005 known as the BigDog, for the assistance of soldiers, this robot can even run and carry heavy loads.

Diligent Robotics, an Austin-based company designed a nurse-robot named as, Moxi, which can perform roughly 30% of the nurses’ duties like handling chores throughout the floor or delivering medical supplies to doctors.

Robot assistants can simplify the performance of tasks in many fields and we obviously cannot wait to see that happening.

So, these were some of the technologies which are slowly changing the world and within a few decades, we’ll have the technologically advanced world which we currently read about or see it in movies and shows.

Written by nikola

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